Gallery wall: REVEAL

Happy Friday!  This week kicked off the series "Home decorating projects: Get Them Done" with a focus on that annoying empty wall (and how to fill it!) If you saw this week's posts, I really hope you learned a tip or two, and are inspired to try a gallery wall!  If you missed those posts, no can see them HERE, HERE, and HERE

Today we're seeing the final reveal of a gallery wall I created for a customer (and friend, and my son's teacher a couple years back!).  Brenda had a home project on her to-do list for quite a while. She wanted to create a wall of family photos.  

But, her dilemma time to tackle it, and uncertainty about how to begin.  

Brenda found a solution.  She contacted me to make it happen for her.....and I was thrilled to jump in.  As you might have guessed, gallery walls are a favorite home design element of mine! Love doing them.      

Today, Brenda can officially check this task OFF her list and enjoy her new gallery wall.  


Step 1:  Consultation & Planning

The process began with a home visit with Brenda.  This allowed me to see her color scheme and decor style.  We talked about ideas for colors, frame style, as well as possibilities for a sign to go in the collection (like "family" or "blessings")  I drafted up 4 different gallery wall lay-outs, and she chose this one:

Step 2:  Preparation

Brenda's job:  Gather 10 photos,  based on sizes I recommended.  Brenda went with six horizontal 5x7 photos, and four 8x10 photos (2 horizontal, 2 vertical).  

My job:  Design the lay-out, obtain and customize the frames.  Incorporating 10 different picture frames and a hand-made sign that was consistent with Brenda's style was the key objective.   She was open to color, and a mix of frames, which is great because that is what makes a gallery wall stand out.  Here's a look at the preparation.....

Step 3: Finalize lay-out

I used a simple and convenient method for determining the gallery arrangement. .  You can view that tutorial HERE if you like!  

Here's what that process looked like: 

The photo above was posted to Facebook via Instagram....and Brenda commented, "LOVING these frames. I hope they are mine!".    Music to my ears.  Install day was around the corner....

STEP #4:  Install the gallery 

And the best part.....FINAL REVEAL DAY!.......  

Color, natural textures (wood), and neutrals were incorporated into this gallery, complimenting what Brenda already had going on in the room.  At the same time, the mix visually enhances her space.  It looks great and will be the first thing anyone sees upon entering the front door.  

Brenda loves her new wall.....and here's what she had to say about it....

Your decorating endeavors can be EASY, HASSLE FREE, FUN, and INSPIRING!  Above all, they should be a reflection of who YOU are.  I'd love to help you create your beautiful, "hand-made" and resourceful home! 

THANK YOU so much for tuning in this week!  I had a blast sharing tips with you on how to accessorize your empty wall!  Join me in saying GOOD-BYE to those boring empty walls, and HELLO to gallery walls!