5 keys to a room make-over

Hello!  Today I'm sharing the key elements I always consider when beginning the planning phase of a room make-over.  If you have a room that needs some TLC, but don’t know where to begin, this is the post for you! Here I break down a room make-over into 5 simple steps.  

5 key elements to a room make-over

1.  Color

Choose your wall color.  Though I love bold colors, I prefer to bring those in with the accessories, not the walls!  And, there many variations of color (light, dark), so you can still do color on the walls if your heart desires.  In my experience, when I go bold on a wall, I get tired of it.  So I tend to be more conservative when it comes to wall color; often choosing grays, whites, and subtle/muted (light) colors.    

2. Color Scheme  

Choose your other colors.   Usually I start with three, and might add one or two additional accent colors.   Consider whether you are a cool color person (like blues, greens, purples), or a warm color person (like reds, oranges, yellows).  Start from there.  Then, think about what combinations you like.  The link below is a great explanation of the colors and color combinations using the basic color wheel:  (from tigercolor.com).   


There are so many color resources out there, that it can be overwhelming!  That, in addition to the million different shades of every color in human existence, doesn't make it any easier! Starting can be the most difficult part but.....

Here is some simple advice:

Find pictures that catch your eye.  Usually those pictures contain the colors you like.  The pictures don't have to be pictures of rooms, either.  Starting points can be a rug you love, a pillow, picture on your wall, or your bedding.  Then, work off that.  The colors in your inspiration piece will be the colors you bring into the room with furniture and accessories. 

OK. You've chosen your color scheme.  Now, you're ready to choose pieces for your space. 

3.  The big pieces

Always start with the big pieces (furniture), because these are the more permanent "fixtures" in a room.  If you like what you have, great; no need to change something that's working for you.  If not, it's time to shop for new pieces, or, use what you've got and update it in some way, or, shop second-hand, or, a combination of all of these.  It's not always about shopping for brand new pieces!  The route you take, doesn't matter.  The important part is how it all comes together in the end. 

The bed is the largest piece in this small bedroom. All the other items in the room were chosen based on this bed.

The bed is the largest piece in this small bedroom. All the other items in the room were chosen based on this bed.

How do you choose your large pieces?  Start by defining how you want the space to function. If it's an office, you need a desk, and a desk chair....maybe another accent chair to relax in.   Then decide on an arrangement.  Whether the room is a work space, or a place to put your feet up, always think about your movement in the room, and that will help you place your furniture.   It has to make sense!  

TIP: Consider removing pieces you don't need!  We tend to think we need to add something to change a room, but often it's the opposite!  Remove unwanted "things" and things that are not utilized to their fullest potential in a room!  You might discover those “things” have better uses in other areas of your home.

4.  The Smaller pieces

Now you are ready to think about the smaller pieces like all the accessories that will showcase your chosen colors, and your style.  Accessories is a broad category and I could write about it all day, but, today's post is about basic considerations for refreshing a room.   The smaller items include....

  • Window treatments/curtains

  • Rugs

  • Decorative pillows, blankets

  • Decor for your shelves, and tables

  • Wall art

  • lighting

block painted baskets.jpg
fabric fresh room.jpg

5.  Texture

Lastly, don't forget about texture.  Accessories like throw blankets, pillows, baskets, rugs, curtains, furniture, and even a stack of books, are all opportunities for bringing texture to a room.   Mixing texture is key to a visually appealing and interesting room.   For example, a rustic sea grass rug under a modern piece of furniture.  Or, a wicker chair in a room full of non-wicker furniture.   Adding baskets for your magazine or book storage is also a simple way to bring in texture.  There is no limit. 

pillow stack.jpg

If you have a throw blanket or decorative pillow in your house, then you are using texture! Go nuts with it....add more, and experiment with furniture and accessories that have lots of texture! 

Room Make-overs: Not just a look, but a FEEL

How our rooms are decorated, the colors, the arrangement of furniture, the accessories....all of it impacts our feelings, and emotions.  We are beautiful beings created for beauty, and from beauty! It’s time to bring more beauty into your home.

By our very human instincts….

…..Our surroundings directly affect us.......in more ways than we realize!

I hope you can take away a tip or two from today's post for your next room make-over!  Stick with the basic elements, and you're well on your way!

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4 ways to decorate for Fall

Fall is here! There are so many beautiful and creative ways to decorate this time of year. Here are some of my favorites....


I love incorporating texture no matter what time of year it is!  But, in fall l think texture plays a huge role in making a room feel warm, and inviting.  Texture can be found in your pillows, baskets, window treatments, centerpieces, rugs, and furniture. My favorite texture is wicker.  Wicker is timeless and adds a pop to any decor scheme.  I love finding different varieties of wicker in thrift shops.  I don't think I have purchased a new basket in ten years!  I almost always walk out of a thrift store with a unique piece of wicker decor. Here are some examples of textured items I love: 

black dresser.jpg


Using artificial (or real) fall foliage is a very easy way to decorate for fall!  You can find artificial leaves and other arrangements in home and craft stores.   Sunflowers make beautiful fall arrangements.   Even a single sunflower arranged with twigs in a vase is a classy way to add a touch of fall to any room.    

Twig wreaths can also be used to add that rustic, outdoor feel to your decor.

fall decor shot.jpg


Fall colors go a long way.  Traditionally we think of oranges, golds/yellows, and reds in fall. If you have those cool summer colors out, now is the time to replace them with warm hues of fall. This simple tip can change the mood and feel of a room!   But, you don't have to use traditional fall colors!   I love the orange and pink combination in the photo below.  

Try a new hue, or choose your favorite fall color as your accent color in a neutral room.   

The rich colors on the piece of art below remind me of fall…

Art made by Art on Artesia. www.artonartesia.com

Art made by Art on Artesia. www.artonartesia.com


Rooms that incorporate natural wood tones are especially beautiful in fall.   I like to mix it up by combining painted pieces with wood pieces in their original rich wood tones.

Other ways to incorporate wood tones might include crates or trunks, framed mirrors or photos, bowls, candlesticks, and books/magazine racks.  

abstract wood art.jpg

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Happy fall!  








How to choose an area rug for your home: Part 1

Have you ever picked out a rug for a room in your home?  There are SO many choices out there, it can make your head spin.  So, how did you make your choice?

1. Did you use a "strategy" or plan? 

2. Did you go with the first one that caught your eye? 

3. Did you pick the one that had your favorite colors in it? 

4. Did you end up NOT choosing one, because it was too overwhelming? 

If I asked ten home-owners these four questions, I would bet that six of them would answer "NO" to question #1, and "YES" to any one, or a combination of questions #2-4.  Hmmmm.....what is this saying?  

It's saying that 60% of home-owners would buy a rug without a plan.  Yep, that's right.  The thing is, a rug is kind of a big deal. They can be pricey.  They are a large accessory for the home.  They are very noticeable.  They can make or break a room. 

If there's no plan, problems can result.  

What problems? 
Problems can result when a rug is bought without a plan for the room it will go in.  Here are some examples.....

1. You get the rug home, and you don't love it anymore.  “But why? I loved it in the store?!” you ask.   Yep.  It happens…and it’s usually because there was no plan.

2. You really don't want to go through the hassle of returning it, so you keep it. “I can make this work”. Problem is, everything else in the room looks....off.  What to do?   Change everything else!   Yep. This happens too, and it can become an even bigger problem than not loving your rug!

3. Once the rug is in the room, the room becomes visually confusing.  The rug doesn’t quite fit with the furniture lay-out.  And.......yep, you guessed it. This is a problem.

These things happen.  But there's good news. 

The good news about rugs: When you have a plan, choosing one is easier than you think

Selecting a rug doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, looking at rugs can be FUN….when you know what you’re looking for. Today I’m sharing the first key “ingredient” you need for selecting the RIGHT rug for your space:

  1. SIZE: Be sure to measure your room, and your furniture. When you know your furniture configuration and the amount of space it takes up, then you’ll know what size rug to get.

Below is a guide I found on Pinterest from Magnolia Homes by Joanna Gaines (Love her!) The pictures speak for the themselves. Bottom line is you want your rug to be big enough for the space!

rug guide.jpg

Here are some examples of what to do, and not to do: (photo taken from Buzzfeed, via Pinterest)


In the bottom two examples, you can see that those rugs aren’t large enough for the spaces they are in.

“OK. I have my furniture/space measurements, and looked at the rug size guide. I think I get it. Now what?”

Once you know how your furniture will be configured, and how much space it takes up, it’s helpful to actually see how the rug dimensions will work in your space. To do that, use painter’s tape and measure out a couple different standard rug sizes (like 8x10 feet, 9x12 feet, 5x7 feet) using the tape.

So for example, if you know your rug will need to be at least 8x10 feet in size, configure your painter’s tape to 8x10. Now you’ve got a very good idea as to how that particular size will work in your space.

Rugs don’t scare me!

Choosing an area rug for your home is easy when you know what you’re looking for. Taking measurements of your furniture, and the space it takes up will help you understand what size rug is best for your space. Using painter’s tape will help you further, by allowing you to visualize a rug actually being in your space. The result? No guesswork at the store, and the right size rug.

Like today’s first step? Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3!!!! Because you need more than measurements to select the RIGHT rug for your room!


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4 essential elements to a refreshed room

Refreshing a room can be accomplished by bringing in key decorative elements.   By bringing these 4 elements into your space, you've got a fresh new look, instantly! 

The 4 elements:  

1.  Metallics/bling

2.  Texture

3. Color & Pattern

4. Greenery

Whether you want to refresh your master bedroom, create a reading nook, or update the busiest room in the house, using these 4 elements will help you create a room that inspires!

1.  Metallics (gold, silver, copper).  

Metallics just don't "go out of style".   Even the "brassy" hardware on our dressers or doors, has made a comeback.  Here are some examples of metallic decor that will instantly give your room style and "bling". 

Copper Accents

Copper is all the rage in the world of interior design and home decor.  Go to a home decorating store and you're sure to find this metallic!  Copper is everywhere.   

Where to find great copper accents:  Pier One, Cost Plus World Market, Target, Marshalls

Gold Accents

Gold is a classic way to add zip and elegance to any space.  It has become popular once again, but for some of us, it never went out of style!   Gold is timeless, and when used in healthy doses (not too much), it never "runs its course".  Try gold! 

Where to find gold accents:  ANY home store.  For starters: TJ Max, Target, Pier One, West Elm, Marshalls

Silver Accents

Incorporating silver is easy.  Some favorites of mine include lamps and vases.  Don't want to spend money on a new silver lamp when yours works just fine?  Get some silver spray paint and spray away.   In fact, grab some metallic spray paint in any one (or all 3) of these metallics and you've got an instant update to your dull decor.  

You can find silver accents at pretty much any home store: Target, World Market, TJ Max, Marshalls, Pier One

2.  Texture

The sky is the limit with texture.  Texture includes throw pillows, rugs, throw blankets, window treatments (panels or curtains). Even decor you put on your shelves and walls can contain texture, like baskets.  Here are some examples: 

Throw blankets can be draped on your sofa, or even hung on the wall!  This El Paso blanket is a GREAT example of texture (and pattern!) that is highly versatile in any room or space. 

The curtains you choose play a huge role in incorporating texture.  Additionally, any natural materials like wood and wicker, seagrass, or jute all fall under the category of TEXTURE: 

3. Color & Pattern

Color and pattern go hand in hand.  Every room needs color.  Even if just a hint of it, color makes an impact.   Pair color with pattern and you've got a home run!  Here are some examples: 

Rugs are an effective, simple way to incorporate color and pattern.  And did you know that if your room is large enough, you can add more than a single rug to the room? If your room is small, you can also try the art of layering your rugs!  See this example: 

Image from kismet-house.com    (pinterest/instagram) 

Image from kismet-house.com    (pinterest/instagram) 

Along with rug layering, pillows, blankets, and natural wood furniture add rich texture.  Texture adds visual interest and comfort to a room.  Doesn't this picture make you want to curl up on that sofa with a good book? 

And don't forget pattern.  Here is an example of using multiple patterns in the same space....

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4.  Greenery

Greenery is a key piece to any room.  If you have a green thumb and enjoy the "real deal" in your house, even better.   I happen to be terrible at keeping plants alive, so I am biased toward artificial greens.  If you can do "real" by all means do!   

A splash of greens completes the space.  It can be as simple as a small wreath, or small plants on a table....

And that's a wrap for the 4 essential elements in any room of the house!  Adding these pieces to a space can take a room from nice, to amazing.  Experiment with texture, color, and pattern and your well on your way to a "designer" home interior!  

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4 ways to decorate with pink

Greetings!  Pink isn't just for little girl nurseries anymore! Pink can be the most striking home accent color when used strategically!   You're either a lover of pink, or simply just don't think about it when decorating.  

From its subtle hues to its striking bold fuschias, I would bet most everyone can find a pink they really like. 

Not just for baby girls' nurseries

Pink has evolved into a gender neutral color, and home decor is no exception.  No longer is pink limited to the little girl's nursery, or bedroom!   Today I am sharing ways (big and small) that it can be incorporated into a room..... 


Rugs are statement pieces.  They help pull rooms together and are a great way to add pops of color.  No matter what your style is,  I guarantee there exists a rug for your home.  How about some pink in that rug?  See these examples from rugsusa.com.... 

So many different patterns and styles can make finding a rug overwhelming.  While it's a good idea to incorporate your accent colors in your rug choice, your rug doesn't have to match your decor perfectly. In fact, rugs can enhance the beauty of a room if they DON'T match perfectly. A rug with a splash of pink is a good start.  


Throw pillows are a simple way to add a punch of pink to any room.  If you are trying pink for the first time, pull it in with pillows.  On that note, look for pillow covers containing pink and cover your existing throw pillows.  You can find pillow covers on Amazon.  This is a low-cost alternative to spending $30 on a new pillow!  

Take a look at these fun pink throw pillows from Target.....


When you think of pink curtains it may create visions of your childhood room, daughter's room, or your baby girl's nursery, but pink curtains can be classy in an adult living space.  Seriously!

Dressing up your windows in rich hues of pink is sure to create an impact.  Here are some great examples....

Pink curtains don't have to take center stage either!  See the panels below with a splash of pink in them....

Use caution with Pink

When trying any new color for the first time, be careful not to incorporate too many larger pieces in that color (example:  large pink rug and pink curtains, or a large piece of pink furniture, and a pink rug). While pink accents are great, it can be overdone, and all those larger accents will compete with one another.    

Pull in your pink accents strategically, and perhaps start with one larger piece, or a few smaller accents. 


Equally important as a large statement piece, are the smaller accents throughout a room.  Here are some examples of smaller accents that don't scream pink,  but have the potential to carry the color throughout a room.....

Who doesn't love a pink elephant?  And a pink vase.....at Target! 

You can also pull in subtle pink accents with your wall art, and even in your lamps...

Whether you choose subtle hues, or bold shades, pink can be a fun color to experiment with. 

Cheers to Pink! 


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Source: www.novodecorco.com

Control the clutter with pretty storage options

Hello! Today's post is about the smaller details that make a house a home...and make it so much prettier too.  Today I'm sharing tips on ways to hide those unsightly home items (the stuff you can't really throw out, but have no idea where or how to store it).  

Whether you purchase your storage, or get creative and make your own, hopefully you'll walk away with some simple ideas to implement in your home! 

1.  Crates

Decorative crates are everywhere it seems!  Buy them new, or find them at thrift stores or yard sales and "clean them up"  Below is an example of an old wire crate found at a local thrift shop. It was cleaned, spray painted gold, and fabric lined: 

The crate and basket/pillows look pretty right?  What's inside them is not.  Who knew?

The crate and basket/pillows look pretty right?  What's inside them is not.  Who knew?

2.  Smaller containers

Hide the small stuff with these smart "home-made" solutions.....

Using empty coffee cans or soup cans, place contact paper around them and label using label stickers. These are great for pantry items, art supplies, bathroom items, or anything small you want organized, and looking pretty! 

3.  Bookshelves or hutches

Bookshelves and hutches are great ways to store "things" in a pretty way.  You can hide smaller items in baskets or crates, and fill the gaps in with your decor....

Storing items non-traditionally in hutches is something we do often in our home. It's fun to use furniture in different ways, and helps to avoid the "shoving everything into drawers and closets" syndrome.  When something looks nice, we are more likely to continue that trend, putting all those "things" back where they belong. 

This hutch is great for paint supplies and tools.

This hutch is great for paint supplies and tools.

And there you have it.  Simple storage options that will not only help you organize, but provide a pretty way to display all those things that clutter up the house!  They are especially great when you are expecting company!  Just hide that clutter and you're good to go!  

What do you use to hide all the clutter?  Have you ever made your own storage?  

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Your Soul Home

Happy Friday! This week Novo Decor has been sharing ideas and inspiration for our homes.  Whether you have big projects to tackle, or just want tips and tricks for all the "little" projects on the to-do list, I hope you've received a bit of inspiration this week. 

Today we're talking about your soul home. 

soul home blog.png

What's your soul home? 

When your home represents who you are, tells your story, and gives off a look and feel you love, you've got your soul home!  Our soul homes are not something we can create overnight, nor should we!  

Your soul home is an idea that grows with time, the more you think about it.  Never thought about your home as your "soul home"?  Here is a list of questions to ponder, as you consider your home....

  • What does your home tell you about the people who live there? 
  • How does your home make you feel?
  • Why does your home make you feel that way?  
  • Are there rooms that are un-used?  Why? 
  • Do your walls or shelves contain memories of your life? 
  • Do you display things you've collected over the years, that are reminders of a trip or event you are fond of? 
  • Does your home reflect your beliefs?  How? 
  • Does your home reflect your wishes and desires?  How about others that live in your home; are their wishes and desires reflected? 

Your Soul Home: One step closer

Start by answering the above questions, and you're one step closer to uncovering what a soul home means to you, and how it might look. 

And remember, creating your soul home is a lifetime journey; room by room, bit by bit.  

Have a great weekend, 



Home decorating trends 2018: Part Three

I've been occupied with making digital design boards this week, that I forgot to post part three to the Home decorating trends in 2018!!  Here it is....

It's time for part three to my mini blog series "Home decorating trends 2018".  I came across a 20-item list on Pinterest of 2018's top decorating trends, and thought I'd share it with you.  If you missed parts one and two, you can see them here: 

Home decorating trends 2018: Part One

Home decorating trends 2018: Part Two

Onward to #15-20...... 

15.  Two-toned cabinets

Who says kitchen cabinets have to all be the same color?  They don't.  Generally though, the trend is making one portion or section of cabinetry one color, and another part, another color. Here is an example of two-toned cabinetry in a kitchen: 

photo from Becky Owen Design   beckyowens.com

photo from Becky Owen Design   beckyowens.com

The island is left a dark natural wood tone, while the cabinetry was painted blue.  It totally works. This is a great option for you if you'd like a pop of color in your cabinetry, but are kind of scared to have them ALL painted. 

16. Brass fixtures

Brass is back, peeps!  Don't get rid of your old brass fixtures just yet.   I love the look of brass in the photo below, against the dark subway tile and cabinetry.  Beautiful!  

Photo from:  mona-mina.tumblr.com

Photo from:  mona-mina.tumblr.com

17.  Concrete  (table tops, walls, counters)

Concrete inside the house?  Yep. It's popular, and in some cases I rather like it.  I know nothing about how easy they are to clean, or maintain, but they can't be too high maintenance can they?  

photo from Deco-Crete Supply Inc. 

photo from Deco-Crete Supply Inc. 

Here is another example of concrete inside the house.......the walls....

photo from Poppytalk.com

photo from Poppytalk.com

Now, I'm all about pink wall art....but I'm not sure how to feel about these pink pictures against a concrete wall. It looks......cold.  Brrrrrrr.   I feel like cuddling up to a good movie in this room would be a challenge. 

18.  Dark wood

Rich, dark wood finishes are beautiful!  And, even though I paint furniture, there are certain pieces I won't touch, due to their beautiful rich wood finish!  Here is a dark chocolate-y piece of furniture for you: 

photo from Fomfest.com  via Worldwide DIY Design

photo from Fomfest.com  via Worldwide DIY Design

Dark wood floors have also been trending. They are simply gorgeous.  And honestly, they'll never go out of style in my book: 

photo from Fomfest.com

photo from Fomfest.com

19.  3D Wall Decor

Who knew wall decor could be 3D?  Let's take a look.....

design sponge

design sponge

The next example is definitely beyond my wall decor skill-set.  What do you think?   Yay or nay? It makes me want to grab a smoothing tool and get to work pronto. 



The next 3D wall art example is one we're more familiar with.  These have made their way into many-a-crafters homes...

photo from Quiet Corner

photo from Quiet Corner

20. Retro Furniture

Retro furniture.  You are either a retro lover, retro hater, or somewhere in between.  I happen to be smack in the middle.  A little retro goes a long way for me.  

This chair is an example of retro style furniture.  Unique shape, simple lines, and wood arms/legs.  The patterned fabric gives it that extra retro boost. 

photo from vintageindustrialstyle.com

photo from vintageindustrialstyle.com

This chair is fun and edgy, yet not too crazy that you get sick of it after 3 months.  I'd add a piece like this to any room.  

On the flip side, there is such a thing as retro overload; think Carol Brady's kitchen (If you're under 33, you may have to google it) 

And there you have it!!  The final six home decorating trends in 2018! Thoughts?  Anything you loved, or didn't love?  Which one will you try this year? 

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Home decorating trends 2018: Part Two

Hello and welcome to my mini blog series about 2018 decorating trends.  Trends come and go, but there are some that have a long, happy life.   Earlier this week,  I kicked off with Part One of this series. If you missed that on Facebook you can catch it here: 

Home decorating trends 2018: Part One

Today, we're picking up where we left off:

8.  Black and White

Decorating a room with black and white accents can be striking. What do you do to ensure you're doing it "right"?   A room completely covered in black and white, can be overwhelming.  It's always good to have a pop of some type of color with it.  

Incorporating a pop of color in your black and white room creates more visual impact, and adds some whimsy to a room.   In the photo below, the splash of green really pops against this simple black and white color scheme. 

Photo from Country Living  

Photo from Country Living  

9.  Coffee bar space

Ditch the booze bar, and go for the coffee!  Coffee bars can be as simple as designating an area in the kitchen for all your coffee supplies, and maybe a few fun coffee accessories.   If you're counter space is limited, find a bar cart, or a small table and create your own little coffee nook. Check out this adorable coffee station from "Artsy Chicks Rule" (photo via Pinterest). 

I love how they used an old dresser for their coffee station.  Super functional, and cost effective! 

coffe bar.jpg

10.  Pops of green!

For you green lovers out there, this is your lucky day!  Green is a hot color right now.  And, it can be ANY green which makes trying this trend, easy and fun.  

I decided to try it in our bedroom. The set of three frames below, were easily changed out using left over green fabric I had.  I chose three different patterns, and shades of green.  It works.   I had zero green pillows, so I am making what I already have, work.   It is tempting not to buy a new green accent pillow, but I've got to practice what I preach: Use what you have and mix it up! 

TIP: Look at green color swatches and see which shades speak to you. Or, browse Pinterest! You're sure to find a green hue that draws you in!  

watermark green accent.png

11.  Natural lighting

We all love a little natural lighting, but not all of us have tons of windows.  If that describes you, I suggest investing in some good lighting.  Lighting can make or break a room.  From table and floor lamps, to hard-wired ceiling & wall fixtures, lighting plays a huge role in any room. 

These hard-wired wall sconces look great in this room.....

photo from the rustic pallet, via Instagram 

photo from the rustic pallet, via Instagram 

12.  Open Storage Spaces

I love this option in kitchens. The beautiful farmhouse style open shelving arrangements are HUGE right now.  People actually knock out cabinetry, to achieve this look.  I'm not taking it that far, but there are other ways of having chic, fun open storage spaces.  

The example below is a great way to maximize corner space, and it looks awesome too. 

photo from  Centsational Girl , article title: "11 Kitchen storage spaces you completely forgot about" , via Good Housekeeping

photo from Centsational Girl, article title: "11 Kitchen storage spaces you completely forgot about" , via Good Housekeeping

Open storage isn't limited to kitchens. Try it in your kids' playroom, bathroom, living room....ANY room can wear open storage well!

13.  Kitchen Minimalism

"Kitchen" and "Minimalism" are an oxymoron to me.  (I haven;t used that word "oxymoron" since AP English class!).  But seriously, it's not an easy feat keeping a kitchen de-cluttered, and "minimalist" looking!  Are you with me?   There is, however, something to be said for simple kitchens, which is what this trend is getting at.  

Functionally speaking, minimalism in the kitchen means have what you need, and nothing more.  Put away the small appliances and things you don't use everyday.  De-clutter your counter tops, tables, and walls.  Remove "things" on top of your cupboards that you haven't touched in 8 years.  Keep it simple.   

From a design standpoint, examples of minimalism mean very simple cabinetry (without knobs even!), appliances that blend in with the cabinetry, and simple lighting that goes unnoticed.  Here is what this looks like:  (ths style isn't for me, but many love it) 

Photo from Comfy Living

Photo from Comfy Living

14.  Velvet

Velvet is BACK!  Don't let that freak you out. This doesn't mean your house has to look like Herman and Lily Munster's.  Incorporating this trend can be as simple as trying a few velvet throw pillows.   Or, go big with velvet, and try a sofa like this one: 

Photo from  homeyohmy.com    

Photo from homeyohmy.com   

That sofa is deliciously gorgeous....and it's navy too.   If a big velvet sofa is too much for your style, curtains are another great way to bring in velvet.   

And that's a wrap for PART TWO of 2018's home decorating trends blog series! 

Which of these trends do you gravitate toward?  Which one can you do without??   I hopped on the green band wagon in our master bedroom, and all it involved was replacing three frames (and maybe a green accent pillow, if I maintain self-control!) 


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Home decorating trends 2018: Part I

I recently came across a 20-item list of the top decorating trends of 2018.  Today, I'd like to share 7 of them with you. Take them, or leave them, they're what's happening right now in home decorating.  And, just because they are on trend now, doesn't mean you have to get rid of them once something else comes along to take their place! 

Some things are timeless, and never get old.  Other things.....do.  You be the judge.   Which one of these "trends" in 2018 do you love?  Which one could you leave behind? 

7 decorating Trends in 2018

1.  Gallery Walls  

Gallery walls are awesome for so many reasons. They showcase a home-owner's personality,  and instantly create style in a room. They also add pops of color, and add visual interest to any wall.  Best of all, they are easy to do!!! Use pictures you already have, and display them together! 

Have a big empty wall? Try a gallery wall in 2018.   Get all sorts of actionable tips for hanging your gallery with these blog posts: 

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So you have a gallery wall hanging method, now what? 


2.  Neutral Earthy Tones

I love color, and typically add pops of it whenever I'm working on a room.  But, just as important as pops of color, are natural materials and colors, to balance a space. Examples of a natural material are wicker, or sea grass.   

neutral flat lay.jpg

3.  Books....they're not just for reading

I was thrilled to see books on the list!  Books are SO under-rated!  Especially now, in this digital age.  Books are becoming a rarity in households.   What to do with all your old books??  Decorate with them, of course!  Books serve multiple purposes in the world of decorating.  

Books add color, and texture to a room. They can be stacked, with items placed on them for varied height, and dimension. They can be turned backwards, so all you see is their wonderfully white/cream color pages. Or, they can even be leaned against a wall....like on your mantle!  

I could keep going about books...... I mean look at these!!!!!  Beautiful. 


4.  Fresh plants and flowers

Yes plants!  If you have a green thumb, this is great news for you!  Your ability to keep your plants alive and kicking, will allow your house to be totally on trend this year!  Woohoo! 

No green thumb?  You're covered.  Grab some fresh flowers at your local florist, or grocery store!  Put them in a giant glass vase, and set them in the smack center of your kitchen table.  Nothing says style like a vase full of fresh flowers.  And they smell wonderful too! 

gold mirror.jpg

5.  Pink (not the singer!)

It's fun to see this one on 2018's trend list!  I cannot get enough pink.  All shades of it.  We have a ginormous pink 9x12 rug, and I LOVE it.  As you can imagine, I totally did a happy dance the day it was delivered to 4609 Nicole Lane. Then, shortly after that I did another happy dance when I unrolled the rug, and the beauty was unleashed. 

Don't be afraid of pink!   Pink is for adults too.  Pops of it are smashing in a room.   Add one or two killer pink accents to a room, and you're totally on trend this year....(and every single year after, if you ask me!) 

here she is! 

here she is! 

Does decorating with pink sound scary?  Click the link below for my tips and suggestions, and you'll be a pro with pops of pink....

Pink home accents for grown-ups

6.  Recycling and DIY (all the way!)

For those of you who like do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, this trend will never lose it's glam for you.  When you can decorate a room resourcefully, and get a fresh result, it is so very satisfying.  Everyone should try it. 

If DIY sounds terrible, or even just not good to you, but you love the concept of being resourceful, and you enjoy a home that looks fresh, fun and "you".....

call Novo Decor pronto!!  I've been looking for you, and would LOVE to re-create any space for you, girlfriend. 

7.  Golden metallics

Yeahsssss!  Gold.  Get ready for my run-on sentences, as this one may even be more favored than pink.  Gold is classy.  Gold is timeless.  And, did you know that all that brassy hard ware in your house that has bugged you all these years is "the" thing now? Yep, those brassy faucets are your friend. 

Gold accents do to a room, what a little lipstick or mascara does to a woman.  The room and the woman are beautiful; and when the gold accents and make-up is added, their beauty is enhanced!  

Embrace your brassy doorknobs and drawer pulls, my friends! Go for the gold, and don't look back! 

gold dipped legs on nesting tables

gold dipped legs on nesting tables

That wraps up today's list.  What do you think?   Are you liking any of today's 7 home trends in 2018?  Do you have at least one of them in your home?  Which one!!!??? 

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3......and see the rest of 2018's home decorating trends!!!!