Must-haves for a fresh, inspiring home office

Thinking about re-vamping your home office? Then this post is for you! Novo Decor is back on the blog with another decorating endeavor to share. Last week I had the great honor of bringing a home office to life. The basics were already in place; including a neutral wall color, area rug, and bookcase. The home-owner planned to get rid of her old desk, and replace it with a new one for her brand-new office space. I provided ideas from on-line sources, and she selected a basic white, L-shaped desk for the room.

before 4.jpg

I love L-shaped desks because you can position them so many ways, creating a new look each time.

Here is the new L-shaped desk before the make-over:

new desk.jpg

It fits in that corner perfectly!

Every home office needs a functional desk, or working surface.

2.. Bookcase or cabinet

An office also needs a piece of furniture for storing items, and/or displaying them. The bookcase in this office holds a large printer, books, plants, and other business related items. Bookcases with hidden storage are great for eliminating visible clutter, which no office wants! Here is the bookcase before the make-over:

Note the arrangement of books according to color. Love that!

Note the arrangement of books according to color. Love that!

3. Area Rug

If you have hard wood floors, hard-wood laminate, or tile in your home office, consider adding a rug for color, texture, and comfort. When you’re working at your computer, your feet will feel great resting on a soft rug. It will look great too.

The home-owner had a vintage-ish area rug in various blue shades (navy-ish, light teal, a touch of gray) all set to go for the room’s new look. I used the rug as inspiration for colors and accessories.

The rug can be seen in the photos above. Sorry, should have taken a close-up!

4. Wall Accessories & other decor

Every office….no wait….every room MUST have accessories. Picture, pillows, and plants will instantly add color, personality, and whimsy to your space! Who doesn’t want to work in a room that inspires, and invigorates the senses?

I used a mix of pictures, and frames for the walls, bringing in gold, and a pop of color to the space. The home-owner already had that great little wall shelf, which i used as the focal point in this gallery wall:

IG One.jpg

And of course, a Novo Decor room wouldn’t be complete without a globe! I just realized last week, that I think every room I’ve decorated has a globe in it. I just love the look a globe adds to any space.

I also added a simple white bench, and threw some fun pillows on it, for extra seating. Now, the home-owner’s husband can sit in her office, and visit with her, while she works (or not!)


Another great accessory are baskets. They work well underneath benches, and other areas fill dead space. Choosing baskets of varying sizes, heights, and shapes makes it extra interesting.


I didn’t touch the bookcase. The books looked great just as there were, and I left the rest as it was. I hung a mirror that I found at a second hand store. It needed some fresh white spray paint, and a touch of gold (of course!). The gold accents in this office space add a touch of elegance to the space. (gold will never get old in my book)

After Book Case Mirror.jpg

I left the three-shade floor lamp, as it provides good lighting in the room, and I like its black base and white shades.

After Desk.jpg

All the pieces came together to re-create this home office into an inspiring work space that showcases the personality, and style of the home-owner. After I completed the space, it just seemed to speak the home-owner’s language. It seemed to just be…….her! I told her that, and she said……

“Honestly, I didn’t know what my style was until I saw this”. Woohoo! Love a good story ending.

Now for the BEFORE/AFTERS….


Before 1.jpg


After 1 Best.jpg


before 2.jpg


IG One.jpg


before 3.jpg


After Book case.jpg
IG Two.jpg
IG One.jpg

Whether you work out of your home in a home office or not, I think most of us can agree that having a space in the home designated for the computer, files, paperwork, and other “stuff”, really can be life-saving! Having a space that actually inspires us to work? A space we really want to be in? Well, that’s the game-changer, and the FUN part.

How does your home office look these days? Cluttered? Uninspiring, or hard to work in? I’d love to help.

THANK YOU Emily! Such a please doing this for you. Now your office is super fun, just like YOU!

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Basement Re-fresh: Part ONE

Hello, and happy 2019! Wow, has it really been November 24th since my last blog post? I’d better have all sorts of fresh ideas to share with you in 2019 after that break!!

To ring in the new year, I decided to share our next project in the house; the basement. Our basement needs some organization, and much better use of space. We have “things” down there we don’t even use. Can you relate? I guess that’s what basements are for; “collectors” of all our “stuff”. And, out of sight out or mind, right? Well, no more!


First, we need to get rid of “stuff”, and re-locate what we already have in order to maximize function. For example, there is a desk that is falling apart, and an oversize chair that no one uses (because we have a huge sofa). We also have a love seat in a dumb location. No one ever sits in that love seat where it is now. Time to to get to work.

Showing you the crazy “before” pictures will help hold me accountable for keeping on top of this basement project! Seeing the “before” pictures isn’t always pretty, but necessary. They make the end result that much sweeter!

before pictures.png

Here we go….

Below is the view upon arriving at the bottom of the steps. The furnace room is behind that black door. To the right is a large space, with a carpeted section/TV, and a cement floored area.

See all those shoe box size tupperware containers on the floor? Those are filled with Legos. Not an ideal location, or set up! Does Luke crouch down on the floor to build with them in that location? NOPE. He’s probably afraid he’ll get injured, with all the clutter and all!

See all those shoe box size tupperware containers on the floor? Those are filled with Legos. Not an ideal location, or set up! Does Luke crouch down on the floor to build with them in that location? NOPE. He’s probably afraid he’ll get injured, with all the clutter and all!

To the left of that black door, is a smaller nook that I used to use for an office. Here is that nook:

basement 2.jpg
basement 5.jpg

What needs to happen with this space first:

  1. Take out that black desk

  2. Re-locate the love seat to the TV viewing area.

    These two steps alone will open up this entire space for a DIY “L” shaped desk area. The kids can work on the computer here, do their school work, draw, work on legos, or whatever they like doing at a desk!

That area will also serve as a device storing, and charging station!! A bold rug would be awesome in this corner, BUT, we are planning to do this entire basement re-fresh on a VERY low budget, which means I’m going to have to utilize self-control, and refrain from a new rug. Darn!

On that note, allow me to dream a bit, and share with you some rug possibilities for this space:

RUG 1.jpg

I like the fact that these rug contain white and black, yet also have plenty of color. Either of these rugs would tie our black ceiling, and white walls together nicely.

RUG 2.jpg

Ok, one more…..( I can’t help myself)….

RUG 3.jpg

Gotta start somewhere

This is just one of a number of areas in our basement that needs some serious help. And, now that I’ve shared the scary “before” pictures with you, I am motivated to take action, and continue to share our progress with you.

I am enlisting the hubs to help me build a computer station/table for that corner nook you saw. When that will be complete, I have no idea, but we’re tackling it little by little, section by section!

I will keep you posted on our progress!

Can you relate?

Do you have an area in your home that has been neglected, and needs help? Whether it’s re-organizing, moving furniture around, or simply hanging some pictures on the wall to add some warmth & character, get started with me in 2019!

I hope you tune in to the “Basement Re-fresh” blog series at the Nienhuis ranch!

Have a great week,

Love the look of well-decorated spaces, but don’t love the time suck, guesswork, or expense?

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The multi-purpose hutch: functional and pretty

If you've ever gone to a second hand store, you've probably noticed that the assortment of furniture is, well.....interesting.  Some pieces look like they belong in rooms with carpeting on the walls, or came straight out of a horror flick. These pieces can be some of the most unsightly furniture we'll ever lay eyes on, but, believe it or not, I'm on the hunt for one of these gems!  

I am currently searching for a hutch with the following features: 

  • 55 inches wide (give or take)
  • buffet surface would be a plus
  • glass doors
  • built in lighting 

If you, or someone you know is looking to part with their giant hutch, I'd love to know!  Click below to reach me by email: 

The multi-purpose (and easily customized) hutch: 

Hutches are highly functional, and update-able pieces that are waiting to be used in non-traditional ways. We typically think of them as a way to display dishes for the kitchen, or dining area, and although gorgeous for that purpose, hutches work in any room of the house.

Today, I am re-posting a story that demonstrates that very concept:  Using a hutch in a non-traditional way.  The customer liked the hutch, but like many of us, immediately thought about her kitchen/dining area and the lack of space to accommodate a piece like this.  What she didn't initially consider, was the fact that she had an entire room not being "lived" in at all.  The space was wasted, and forgotten.  

New Room Reveal: Home Office

Hello everyone!  Thank you for checking in today!  Today's post demonstrates the essence of why Novo Decor Co. exists.  My motto is Use what you have in new ways, and re-create a space accordingly!   I've had a beautiful hutch waiting for a new home all winter.  A handful of people had expressed interest in it, but, the common theme I was hearing was "I just don't have the room for it", "I wish we had more room!" or, "Our wall space is so limited".   That got me thinking......

Have you ever used a piece of furniture in a non-traditional way? For example a coffee table as your kids' lego station, or a dresser as a TV stand?  Thinking outside the box when it comes to our furniture can lead us to some pretty awesome discoveries.   When I think about uses for furniture in non-traditional ways, I almost always end up fixing that "problem" room or space in our home.  Thinking creatively about how you can use your furniture differently, or new locations for your furniture can be a total game changer!  It can also open your eyes up to space you never knew you had! 

On that note, I'd like to share a story about the game-changing experience a customer had when she began to think outside the box!  I was thrilled to help her discover the potential of an unused room in her home, by thinking non-traditionally about furniture....

The initial conversation

I posted this photo of a hutch on Instagram a while back:

A customer commented on the photo, stating she loved the hutch, but had no wall space for it. I asked if she could think of a location in her home that she wouldn't have thought to put a hutch.  I suggested she think of non-traditional spaces and uses for it.  Here's what followed...

The birth of a home decorating game-changer

She thought of an unused room as a potential "home" for the hutch, then went on to make a valid point, "I know if I buy the hutch, I won't be able to transform the space like I want and I will continue to have that door shut (office door) and not show off the beautiful piece".   In short, our discussion lead to the styling of the hutch, which she really liked.  She purchased the hutch and everything in it.  

The function and look of the hutch in her "new" living space became clear when she could actually see it prior to making her purchase.  She felt good about her decision to buy the whole thing, and her "problem" room became less of a problem.  

Re-Cap of the home decorating game changer

1.  "Love that hutch, but I have no room for it in my kitchen/dining area"

2.  What other ways could I use the piece? Where else could I put it and get use out of it? 

3. Light bulb moment..... "I'll use it in the home office!"  "But I'd like ideas for styling it"

4.  The hutch is styled, and a picture is sent to her for inspiration and ideas

5.  "I love it. It will work great in my office."  "I'll take the hutch.....and the accessories, also?" Yes. 

The hassle free "shopping" that took place was appealing to this customer. And, she knew exactly what she was getting.  

"I know if I buy the hutch, I won't be able to transform the space like I want and I will continue to have that door shut (office door) and not show off the beautiful piece".   

Since that time, we took it a step further, and the room was completely styled. You can view that at the link below: 

Home office Refresh

Try thinking outside the box with your old furniture! Using pieces creatively and in non-traditional ways can be a game-changer in your home! 















One room, six ways!

One year ago this month, I shared a blog post about our master bedroom and its 5 different looks over the past 5 years.  My goal was to illustrate that change doesn't have to be big, to have an impact. 

Today I am sharing that original blog post, but have added yet another room change, which you'll see at the end.  The pictures are in chronological order so you can see how style can evolve over time.....

1.  Gallery wall.   This was during my gallery wall obsession.  While I still love and appreciate a great gallery wall, there are currently none in our house.   That doesn't mean I'll never go back though!  The walls in this picture were "khaki",  the color they were when we moved in....


2.  Spa:   The picture below is from the same vantage point as the picture above,  just a larger view.  I like the serene and "spa-like" aesthetic.  The gallery wall concept remained,  but is simpler.  I apparently loved grays and whites (and still do)!   The pop of red is nice.

3.  Teal/yellow Room:  In the third example below, the room is re-arranged, with the bed between the windows. This is a difficult room to arrange due to its narrow, rectangular shape, and options are limited to only two.  The big change here is the bed frame, which was updated using white paint and the addition of stained wood/pine boards.  

The wall color was also changed to a versatile gray.  (Smooth Stone, by Sherwin Williams), with teal and yellow accent colors.  I spray painted a pair of lamp bases yellow for the "new" color scheme. Window treatments were changed from a solid light blue to a white and navy pattern.  

photo quality dark. Sorry! 

photo quality dark. Sorry! 

4.  Light and Fresh:  Below, you see the picture above the bed was replaced with a giant navy sunburst mirror.  Wall color remained. Window panels remained.  New accent colors: navy and pink/coral.  A few simple changes with decor and color, and the room is different!    A gold bar cart was added to the foot of the bed. Bar carts aren't just for booze! They can provide a fun, non-traditional use for something that adds personality to any room.   I kept the lamps, but spray painted the bases metallic gold. Good-bye yellow. 

This photo below shows the full room well (please disregard the person sitting in it!) 

5.  Christmas touch:  Below, an art canvas has replaced the navy sunburst mirror.  Window panels; unchanged. Bedding; a simple swap for a green comforter that I already had.   My motivation for that swap was the Christmas season....because who doesn't want a little Christmas in every room?   The brass bar cart at the foot of the bed was replaced with a painted cedar chest for storage. 

6.  Simple and serene:  Since the original post was written (January 2016), the room has undergone another change (shocker!)  Here is how it happened: 

1. Relocated the bed back to the other wall

2. Painted the wall behind the bed blue

3. Added new art (DIY project!) 

4. Added an accent pillow (wish I could say it was a DIY.....Target)

5.  Added a small dresser (thrifted item!) which also serves as a nightstand. (love multi-purpose pieces!).  No paint brush touched this dresser ( I liked it as is), but I did spray paint the hardware gold.  Very easy change! 

6. Switched the lamp bases for navy blue ones I already had!  The same lampshades were used. 

And that's how you make changes (small and/or big) to a single room for a fresh new look! Whether you want big change or small, the details add up, and even a tiny tweak to a single detail (like painting your lamp bases!) can re-fresh your room and help you change course. 

Do you have a room in your home that is forever changing?  Not only can it be fun, but it allows your evolving tastes to be showcased from year to year.  

It's a new year, why not try something new in your room!  Have fun with it, and remember nothing is permanent! Make changes until you love it.  

Happy room-changing!  

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6 steps to a basement bedroom

Our 11 year old has been asking to move his bedroom downstairs to our basement for months. We finally tackled the project and the result is not only a happy 11 year old, but a happy 6 year old, and a happy 9 year old who now get their very own bedrooms!  A few years back we decided to finish two framed in walls, painted the entire basement, and re-organized. By doing this we created additional living space including a TV/game area for the kids, an office area, better storage, and now, another bedroom.....

If your kids are sharing a bedroom and chomping at the bit to have their own rooms, or your pre-teen/teen wants their own space in your home, then read on!  Our basement isn't finished, and yours doesn't have to be either!  Get ready to amp up your basement by creating a bedroom using these six steps as your guide!  

Here are the six basic steps we used for re-creating a space in our unfinished basement to a bedroom

Step 1-  Painting:  

If you decide to paint your ceiling, know that it will be one of the most tedious tasks you tackle in your lifetime. We used a paint sprayer and manually painted it.  However, it is a lower cost alternative to dry-walling the ceiling, or placing ceiling panels.  And, it does a good job of disguising the ugly basement ceiling, giving it a much more finished look.  As for the walls, definitely consider painting them as it will brighten up the space.  I'd recommend a light color, as basements tend to be dark as it is. 

Step 2- Carpet:

We had a portion of the basement by the TV and couches re-carpeted, but the new bedroom isn't.  Instead, I brought down a large 9x12 foot area rug I had been using upstairs.  It actually looks much better in Samuel's "new" room!  I also threw a small rug at the bedside, so his feet wouldn't land on that cold concrete floor first thing in the morning.

Step 3-  Furniture:

We used all the same pieces Samuel had in his old room upstairs, which made it easy.  Though there is no closet in the "new" room, most of Samuel's clothes don't really need to be hung, so his dressers are now fully utilized.   What furniture can you use in your son or daughter's "new" found space that you already own?  Look in other areas of your home beside the "old" room, and consider what pieces in your home can by used to suit the needs of the "new" room.

4.  Step 4- Create a simple room divider:

We used curtain panels and two king size flat sheets to create separation between Samuel's room and the rest of the basement.  This makes it feel more like a bedroom, and provides a little privacy.   How did we do this?   PVC piping from Menards and mug hooks.  We hung mug hooks from the ceiling then placed the piping right in, like you see below.....

Then we looped the panels and sheets through the piping.  I found the flat sheets at Walmart for $11 a piece.  We already had the window panels, and hung those the same way we hung the sheets......

Below is the other end of the room, opposite the bed.  There you see the curtain panels, which separate the room from our storage area. 

5.  Step 5- Wall Decor:

I kept the wall decor at a minimum, and hung two large flags (that we already had!) for some added color.  Samuel had a fathead of Andrew Luck in his old room, so, I peeled it off and placed it on a large 24x36 plastic picture frame with a plain white backing.  I didn't want to use glass in case it fell (which would be awful on the concrete floor)....

The walls are concrete, so how did we hang this stuff?  I screwed in a hook into the wood beam on the ceiling, right above where the concrete wall ends, looped wire through the hook, and attached it to the frame hook, like this: 

I hung the flags using two small nails pounded into the wood beam just above where the wall ends. Then I used twine to attach each flag corner to the nail:

6.  Step 6-Lighting:

We had track lighting installed when we painted our basement a few years ago, which has made a huge improvement in brightening up the whole basement.  I highly recommend track lighting if it is in your budget!  The location of your new bedroom can also impact how bright it will be.  We created this room by the egress window; mainly for safety, and for the natural lighting.   I added a "lantern" light, that you can see in the picture below.  The light hangs low, eliminating the need for a bedside reading lamp. 

And that, my friends, are the 6 steps we found effective for a successful bedroom transition to the basement.  If you've ever considered moving a bedroom to your basement, but hesitated due to the fact that your basement is unfinished, hopefully this post will change your mind! Samuel loves his "new" space (which is much bigger than his old room!), and it even feels like our house is a bit bigger.  It's a win-win all around! 

This entire project took a morning to complete....about 4 hours.  Cost was $47.   Approximately $10 for the PVC piping,  $5 for the hooks, $10 for the bubble light, and $22 for the flat sheets. Simple. Low-cost.  Fun.  

Have you ever re-created a space in your home for a new purpose? What did you do??? Leave a comment and share your project!  I'd love to hear from you! 

Coming up......Giant, rustic wall letters for your kids' room (or yours!): See the (simple!) Tutorial







New Room Reveal: Home Office

Not too long ago I shared a post about using furniture in non-traditional ways in order to maximize your living space. If you missed that post, you can take a look at at it HERE   Today I'm sharing the results of a recent room refresh, where the home-owner added a piece of furniture to a room she had never thought of before.  Together we re-created the space into one she can use! 

Here is how it happened.....

Furniture spotted on Instagram.... 

Sam, the home-owner, spotted this painted hutch.   She doubted whether she had any room for it in her home, but when she thought about using her spare room as her home office, she changed her mind!  The hutch could provide the storage she needed, and also display things she likes. 

Accessorizing the hutch...

The hutch was styled for Sam.  Examples of styled shelves were given to her through a shared Pinterest board. This gave me an idea of the look she wanted.  To see the full post on how we styled the hutch, click HERE


Color inspiration came from the hutch (cream/orange).   We also pulled in navy, a color that is relatively new to Sam's home color palate.  The office was already painted in a neutral gray, providing a nice backdrop for wall art. 

Decor and Styling.....

Once the hutch found a place in the room and was styled, Sam realized she needed some support with pulling the room together.  She knew she wanted a rug, a chair/ottoman, additional lighting, and a side table. I pinned examples of these things to our shared Pinterest board (a private board that only Sam and I can see), which helped her decide what style she wanted for the room.  Below were her selections......

A navy blue chair & a "pouf" (aka: ottoman)....

a modern globe floor lamp, geometric shag rug, and a mid-century modern side table... 

The Outcome

With my help and support for developing a vision for un-used space, and finding the pieces necessary to complete the room, Sam now has a use-able and well-accessorized home office. A hassle-free room refresh and a great little home office Sam can be proud of! 

Now for the part you really want to see....the completed room!

On the wall opposite the chair/window, I hung an arrangement of frames and mirrors. The bold frame is coral/orange, not pink as it appears in the photo!  The white frames pop against the gray wall.  Additional seating is beneath this wall arrangement; consisting of two small red-orange chairs.  Sorry no photo of those to share.  Drat! 

I love helping you see the potential in an unused space in your home!   Breaking down the task into steps can help, like Sam did with her home office:  

1.  She added a new piece of furniture she loved (the hutch)  

2.  She established the function for the room (home office) 

3.  She selected the pieces necessary to complete her office (with help from Novo Decor!)

This was a fun room refresh.  Thank you Sam!  I hardly recognize the room now, and I hope you enjoy your new room. 

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Traditional Painted Hutch + Vision = New home office accessory

Hello everyone!  Thank you for checking in today!  Today's post is very exciting, because it demonstrates the very essence of Novo Decor Co.!  I've had a beautiful hutch waiting for a new home all winter.  A handful of people had expressed interest in it, but, the common theme I was hearing was "I just don't have the room for it", "I wish we had more room!" or, "Our wall space is so limited".   That got me thinking......

Have you ever used a piece of furniture in a non-traditional way? For example a coffee table as your kids' lego station, or a dresser as a TV stand?  Thinking outside the box when it comes to our furniture can lead us to some pretty awesome discoveries.   When I think about uses for furniture in non-traditional ways, I almost always end up fixing that "problem" room or space in our home.  Thinking creatively about how you can use your furniture, or where you put your furniture can be a total game changer for your space!  It can also open your eyes up to space you never knew you had! 

On that note, I'd like to share a story about the game-changing experience a customer of mine, had when she began to think outside the box about furniture!  I was thrilled to get there, by helping her "see" the potential that a particular piece of furniture had in her home, even though she thought she had no room for it. 

The initial conversation

I posted this photo of a hutch on Instagram a while back:

Sam had commented on the photo, stating she loved the hutch, but had no wall space for it.  I responded back to inform her of the recent price reduction on the piece (awesome!), but what I really wanted to know was, could she think of the piece in a location in her home that she wouldn't have thought to put a hutch?  So I suggested she think of non-traditional spaces and uses for the piece.  And here's what happened...

The birth of a home decorating game-changer

She emailed me back stating she was contemplating her office space as a potential "home" for the hutch.   She asked several good questions about the piece (storage, sturdiness factor, function, and look of the piece in an office).  She then went on to make an extremely valid point, saying, "I know if I buy the hutch, I won't be able to transform the space like I want and I will continue to have that door shut (office door) and not show off the beautiful piece".   Then you know what happened?  She asked me if I had anything to fill the hutch with.  Here was my reply:

"UM, YES MA'AM"  (that wasn't my immediate or exact response to her, but I'll admit my inner voice was shouting out to the heavens!).  Here was my actual reply to her concern:  "If you like the way the space looks, and it's organized, you might be more inclined to use the room, and leave your office door open."   My thought process was that a organizational piece like a hutch would provide storage, reduce clutter, and consequently, help create a room she would want to see and spend time in.  Then of course I responded "Yes" to her question about filling the hutch.  

Asking me if I have decor to fill a hutch is like asking a grocery store owner if they have groceries to fill your cart! 

I was confident I either had, or could obtain decor that would look great in the hutch.  So what next?  I created a private Pinterest board specifically for her to get a feel for what she likes/doesn't like in a styled hutch.... 

Pinterest Inspiration + Vision + Customer's Taste = Home decorating game changer

I pinned pictures of accessorized hutches and bookcases that were consistent with the customer's taste. Then I invited her to join the private board (so we can both pin photos to it, AND see each other's pins).  As I suspected, she loved what she saw.   I asked her if she wanted me to style the hutch to give her some ideas.  She responded, "yes, that would help me envision it".  So, I cruised on over to my inventory of home decor, and pulled together a number of items to fill the hutch.   I sent her a photo of the styled hutch and then....

she asked how much the whole thing would cost

(hutch + decor = happy customer)

The Outcome

With my support for a vision, and our discussion about the functionality and location for this hutch, Sam felt confident the purchase was right for her and for her home.  Not only did she feel good about the functional use for this piece in a room she rarely used, but she had the chance to view the hutch, completely styled to her liking, before she made her purchase.  I bet her home office door won't be closed anymore!!!  And I bet she will spend more time in that home office as well. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on how I styled this hutch!!!!  And wouldn't it be great to see her home office when it's completely done?  

Re-Cap of the home decorating game changer

1. A piece of furniture in a photo appeals to a customer

2. Customer states she loves the piece, but has no room for it

3. Customer starts to think about non-traditional uses and locations for the piece

4. Customer has light bulb moment! "I'll use it in the home office!"

5.  Customer is concerned that she won't know how to style the hutch, or room, and the room will be left unseen, and not used. 

6.  Visual inspiration is shared through styled hutch ideas on Pinterest. I provide additional suggestions for additions to the room like a comfy but contemporary office chair.

7.  Hutch is styled for her at Novo Decor, and a picture sent to her for viewing

7.  Customer loves what she sees, and now has an exact visual of what the hutch will look like in her home office

8.  Customer purchases the hutch and everything in it.  All uncertainty and hassles with styling her new hutch are eliminated!  (she also ordered herself a chair for the room, as per my recommendation!)

"I know if I buy the hutch, I won't be able to transform the space like I want and I will continue to have that door shut (office door) and not show off the beautiful piece".   

Uncertainty about how to style a piece of furniture or a room is a common concern for many, and one that I aim to eliminate!  But the good news is, there is a solution!


Look in your rooms and determine how the space could or should be utilized more efficiently and effectively.  Decide if you like the way it looks, or if it needs help. What don't you like?  If you identify that something needs changing, that's the first (and sometimes most difficult) step.  But not quite sure of the next step?  

I can help.  

I dream at night about re-designing your space for you.  Finding ways to use and transform what you already have (your furniture AND your decor) is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my job, and the heart of my business.   Infusing fresh design; inspiring personal style....and helping you see potential in your space in resourceful ways. It's what I love to do. 

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Thrifty Spring-ready Rooms

Yuck!  More snow.  Makes it hard to "think spring" doesn't it?  At this time of year, Wisconsinites are antsy for change.  We are ready for the snow to melt and get out in our yards.  Spring is also a time many of us clean the house, like REALLY clean it.   Re-decorating might even be our on our to-do list.  We've all heard the saying, "Out with the old, in with the new", right?  Well here's a spin on that..."Out with the old, in with the "renewed!"   The "renewed" refers to all those diamonds in the rough found at thrift stores, that with a little vision and some simple updates, result in beautiful "new" decor!

To recognize the potential in these "diamonds in the rough" I've devoted the past week to "The Thrifted Home" series.  It's a great time to start thinking about what we'd like to change in our home interior, as well as learn some easy ways to get there!   Being ready for change doesn't have to mean get rid of the old, but rather, how can we change the old to look new?   By changing, or updating decor, we can freshen up an entire room....and we're spring-ready! 

In today's post you'll see examples of decor that was updated to fit the look and feel of their new space.   And you'd never know the secret behind their former life!   Pull it all together with a little bit of brand new, and already owned pieces....and the result is a well-polished, and visually pleasing room.

Example #1:   This old yellowing lamp shade was easily updated with white paint.  The lampshade was snatched up immediately because it was the perfect gi-normous size that I needed for a mega lamp base I found.  Using a paint roller and white paint, a bright new lampshade resulted. See the completed lamp below, and the lamp in its new space.  

Example #2:  This thrifted chair needed a partial update.  The wood frame was beautiful already, so I left it untouched.  The upholstery, however, needed to go! It was worn and outdated, so I replaced it with a plum colored small print fabric.   I love the mix of natural woods with pops of color and modern patterns like the black and cream geometric rug below...... 

Example #3: This wall art used to be black, with the cream wall peeking through all those intricate openings.  Since the goal for the room was to lighten and add color, the solid black decor was too heavy for the space.  Simple remedy:  change them!  They were painted white and gold (using spray paint), then, a  vibrant orange fabric was added behind each piece. The center square was filled in with a navy and white patterned paper.   Now, we've got new decor that "pops".   

Now that you've seen a few examples of what can be done to "old" decor, how can you update some of your pieces for a fresh spring look?  It doesn't have to be a big project either. Some of the smallest changes can make an impact!   Need a new color scheme?  It might not mean purchasing all new items, but simply changing what you already have!   

So let's not let the latest snow fall get us down!  Spring is coming!  Until then, think spring....and think thrifty!  Whether it's a thrifted item you found at your local second-hand store, or decor you've had for years, there is way to add a new touch to your space! 

Have fun and thrift on my friends!  


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