Basement Re-fresh: Part ONE

Hello, and happy 2019! Wow, has it really been November 24th since my last blog post? I’d better have all sorts of fresh ideas to share with you in 2019 after that break!!

To ring in the new year, I decided to share our next project in the house; the basement. Our basement needs some organization, and much better use of space. We have “things” down there we don’t even use. Can you relate? I guess that’s what basements are for; “collectors” of all our “stuff”. And, out of sight out or mind, right? Well, no more!


First, we need to get rid of “stuff”, and re-locate what we already have in order to maximize function. For example, there is a desk that is falling apart, and an oversize chair that no one uses (because we have a huge sofa). We also have a love seat in a dumb location. No one ever sits in that love seat where it is now. Time to to get to work.

Showing you the crazy “before” pictures will help hold me accountable for keeping on top of this basement project! Seeing the “before” pictures isn’t always pretty, but necessary. They make the end result that much sweeter!

before pictures.png

Here we go….

Below is the view upon arriving at the bottom of the steps. The furnace room is behind that black door. To the right is a large space, with a carpeted section/TV, and a cement floored area.

See all those shoe box size tupperware containers on the floor? Those are filled with Legos. Not an ideal location, or set up! Does Luke crouch down on the floor to build with them in that location? NOPE. He’s probably afraid he’ll get injured, with all the clutter and all!

See all those shoe box size tupperware containers on the floor? Those are filled with Legos. Not an ideal location, or set up! Does Luke crouch down on the floor to build with them in that location? NOPE. He’s probably afraid he’ll get injured, with all the clutter and all!

To the left of that black door, is a smaller nook that I used to use for an office. Here is that nook:

basement 2.jpg
basement 5.jpg

What needs to happen with this space first:

  1. Take out that black desk

  2. Re-locate the love seat to the TV viewing area.

    These two steps alone will open up this entire space for a DIY “L” shaped desk area. The kids can work on the computer here, do their school work, draw, work on legos, or whatever they like doing at a desk!

That area will also serve as a device storing, and charging station!! A bold rug would be awesome in this corner, BUT, we are planning to do this entire basement re-fresh on a VERY low budget, which means I’m going to have to utilize self-control, and refrain from a new rug. Darn!

On that note, allow me to dream a bit, and share with you some rug possibilities for this space:

RUG 1.jpg

I like the fact that these rug contain white and black, yet also have plenty of color. Either of these rugs would tie our black ceiling, and white walls together nicely.

RUG 2.jpg

Ok, one more…..( I can’t help myself)….

RUG 3.jpg

Gotta start somewhere

This is just one of a number of areas in our basement that needs some serious help. And, now that I’ve shared the scary “before” pictures with you, I am motivated to take action, and continue to share our progress with you.

I am enlisting the hubs to help me build a computer station/table for that corner nook you saw. When that will be complete, I have no idea, but we’re tackling it little by little, section by section!

I will keep you posted on our progress!

Can you relate?

Do you have an area in your home that has been neglected, and needs help? Whether it’s re-organizing, moving furniture around, or simply hanging some pictures on the wall to add some warmth & character, get started with me in 2019!

I hope you tune in to the “Basement Re-fresh” blog series at the Nienhuis ranch!

Have a great week,

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Screened porch style: REVEAL!

Hello and happy Friday! It is absolutely beautiful today!  Praise God.   I spent my morning decorating a screened-in porch.  I'm sharing the before/after pictures here for you today. I hope you like what you see....and I can't wait to hear what the home-owners think!!! 

Here are the BEFORE pictures: 

before 2.jpg
before 3.jpg
before 4.jpg
before 5.jpg
The dresser used to be in the home-owner's basement, unused. I painted it black and put some new hardware on it. I also added a fun surprise inside (see below).  This dresser will be great for a porch "buffet" area!!  

The dresser used to be in the home-owner's basement, unused. I painted it black and put some new hardware on it. I also added a fun surprise inside (see below).  This dresser will be great for a porch "buffet" area!!  

drawer pulls.jpg
fabric drawers.jpg

The room had a GREAT start before I even touched it, with two large matching rugs that actually served as my inspiration for the color scheme. The home-owner also bought a few new chairs for the "new" and improved space.  (I gave her selections to choose from. They made a great choice).  They already had the table/chair set.  

This morning's project included:

  • Window treatments/rods
  • Wall accessories/pictures
  • Table accessories
  • Chair cushions
  • Floor lamp/table lamp
  • One accent chair (wicker)
  • Throw pillows/blankets

Here are the AFTER pictures: 

porch nook.jpg
nook 1.jpg
nook 2.jpg
nook close.jpg
wicker chair.jpg
east corner lamp.jpg
east corner and chair.jpg
chair blue blanket.jpg
table after.jpg
table scape.jpg
table curtains.jpg
place setting.jpg
white table corner.jpg
west corner.jpg
table dresser chair.jpg
table nook dresser.jpg
table nook dresser.jpg
wreath on brick.jpg
table and chairs.jpg
dresser 1.jpg

And that's a wrap!  This was such a fun project to design, and install for this family! I hope they enjoy their new porch as much as I enjoyed putting it all together for them!   

Doesn't this make you want to go and spruce up your porch now?  It does for me! 




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Screen Porch Style: sneak peek

Do you have a screened-in porch that needs a little TLC?   So did this family!  But not for long.....because this Friday, May 26, their porch will get a new look!   

The porch had a good base to begin with:

  • Wood floor
  • Vaulted ceiling
  • Tons of natural light coming in from all three sides of the porch
  • Two large outdoor rugs in black/cream 

The porch was missing: 

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Warmth
  • Functionality

For the new and improved space, the home-owners hoped for: 

  • Color
  • Closed storage
  • Accessories 
  • Added seating
  • Window treatments
  • more lighting

The design plan

I used the rugs as inspiration for the color scheme, and style for the porch.  Black is such a great accent color, and when I have the chance to pull it in, I do!  


The dominant colors the room will be sporting:

  • greens
  • grays
  • whites/creams
  • a splash of teal blue
  • a smidgin' of yellow
  • a speck of red  

Move it around!

The porch will be more functional, with the table/chair relocated over one rug, and the other rug placed on the other side of the porch, where a seating arrangement will go.  Rugs are great for setting boundaries between different types of spaces in a single room. 


I painted a dresser the customer already owned, black.  It will be great for storing table supplies like napkins and other "things" you don't want sitting out.  That dresser will provide a nice flat surface for accessories!  The dresser will serve as a non-traditional buffet.  I love this concept! 

The table/chairs were already in the space, and the customer purchased three additional seating options for the room; two matching wicker/cushion chairs, and a papasan chair!  The cushions are cream.  (Can't wait to get pillows on these!)

Style in the details

The drawers were lined with fabric containing the accent colors for the space. It's fun to add whimsy to a room with detail like this.....

fabric drawers.jpg

Some of the dresser hardware was changed, and the rest were painted white.  I incorporated white in the hardware, which looks striking against the black drawers. The white hardware also ties in with the fabric lined drawers.  (it's in the details!) 

drawer pulls.jpg


Typically the larger a room, the larger the accessories can be!  When larger accessories like pictures, and table top pieces are used, a little can go a long way.

Accessories that were added to the porch:

  • Wicker of varying shades (vases, trays, baskets, lamp base, chair)
pillows on chair.jpg
  • Floral arrangements (smidgin' of yellow)
I'll be using this large wicker vase and the yellow flowers in the family's porch area

I'll be using this large wicker vase and the yellow flowers in the family's porch area

  • Greenery (wreath) 
  • Glass items with color (buffet area, table)
  • Floor lamp/table lamp
  • Window panels (curtains) 
  • decorative pillows for seating area
  • Seat cushions for dining table
  • Table accessories

I wish I could show you more, but I can't just yet!   It has been so fun designing the space, and I can't wait to see it all come together this Friday! 

I hope you tune in on Friday, May 26 to see the actual porch getting its face-lift!! I will be posting sneak peeks on Facebook all morning, with a full blog post to follow! 


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Beige to Brilliantly colorful room: BEFORE/AFTERS

Greetings!  Iit's time to show you a recent job I completed for a young couple.  It was a living room/kitchen area that needed some pizazz. And pizazz it got....with plenty of color, texture, and pattern.

The space I had to work with was BIG, including vaulted ceilings.  What to do with all that space?   Here is a how the design process unfolded, along with pictures.......

1.  Start with a rug

Rugs are a great starting point for any room. They help determine color scheme selection, and set the tone for the room. 

For this room, I chose a very LARGE rug, 9 feet by 12 feet.  My general rule  of thumb is, the larger the space, the larger the rug.   Plus, this room has a huge sectional sofa, which was in need of a rug large enough to accommodate it. 

This is the rug that I selected: 

peacock rug.jpg

Here is how the rug looks in the space: 

full rug and mantle.jpg


That is one colorful rug.  I was drawn to the mix of warm and cool colors, and knew it would work great in a room with gold-ish/beige walls.  The adjoining kitchen/eating area was painted in yellow; also another reason I was drawn to this rug. The rug has just enough yellow in it to tie the rooms together.  

2.  Go big or go home (furniture selection in large spaces) 

Next, I brought in a large TV console.  Again, a room that is large, needs large pieces.   If you've got many smaller pieces in a large space, those pieces can appear to be floating around, lost at sea.  When you've got a big room, go big or go home I say!  This concept is illustrated below: 

Here is the TV console BEFORE: 

This console gets swallowed up and is too small for the space. 

This console gets swallowed up and is too small for the space. 

And here is the TV console AFTER: 

This console utilizes the space well. 

This console utilizes the space well. 

3. Dress up the walls (and windows) 

Walls can be a struggle. Especially when you have lots of wall space.  I used the TV/console to help break up the large wall on that side of the room.  I used the remaining wall space for a little "gallery" of "things".  (you know how I love a good gallery wall).   I can also see an accent chair in that corner, to finish off the space. 

console rug.jpg

I didn't need to use a lot of wall art, but it was necessary to add pieces here and there to help create a more finished look.  The curtains on each end of the window really made a difference in warming up the space, and helping to achieve that finished look.   Windows need a little something! 

Here is the fireplace wall BEFORE curtains: 

The windows look like they a little love.  And window treatments CAN be super they are in this space (see photos below) 

The windows look like they a little love.  And window treatments CAN be super they are in this space (see photos below) 

window before.jpg

Here is the fireplace wall AFTER curtains:  (darn I don 't have a full picture of the wall due to the lighting!). But I think you get the idea.....the windows are dressed simply with one panel on each end, and two short window rods.    (the curtains also add great pattern and movement to the room) 

full rug.jpg
curtain right.jpg

5.  Don't forget the mantle

Since the room is so large, and the ceilings so high, larger accessories were a must.  I used a hand-painted mirror, and two vases full of awesome (fake) florals for the mantle.

Tip: Floral arrangements are a great way to incorporate your color scheme into the mix.  Since my intention was to tie together the yellow kitchen with this neighboring living room, the yellow flowers got the job done! 

mantle after.jpg

This is what the mantle looked like before: 

pretty lonely! 

pretty lonely! 

6.  Accessories

The accessories are the final step. Once the key items are in place like curtains, furniture, and rugs, it's time to fill in the gaps with decor.   Throw pillows brought in tons of color and texture into this space, and provided balance against the color-packed rug: 

rug flatlay.jpg
lamp pillows.jpg
tv accessory.jpg
painted console.jpg
mantle accessiry.jpg
lamp mantle.jpg

7. Tie in adjoining rooms with color

After the living room was finished, it was time to move on to the adjoining kitchen, and eating area.  By adding just a few elements to this space, better balance was achieved between the two rooms.  Here is what I did: 

  • added window panels to warm up the space and frame the windows (more color, and warms up space) 
  • added a table centerpiece, and place mats (texture!) 
  • added a window valance over the kitchen sink (color)
  • re-arranged and added a few items above the cabinetry (candlesticks, baskets, dishes)
  • added a rug (more color)
  • re-hung wall art that was painted to better coordinate with the new color scheme

Attending to an adjoining room when you've just finished a room, doesn't have to be complicated!  Start with color, and find ways to bring in your key colors, into the adjoining room.   

I brought in blues, and reds, and of course added some greenery (because every room I do has greenery....and a globe!)

Here are some before shots of the kitchen/eating area: (terrible photos, taken at night. Sorry):

kitchen begore 1.jpg
kitchen before 2.jpg

Here is the kitchen area AFTER: 

kitchen table after.jpg
Typically long curtains should reach the floor, however in kitchens it's OK to have a bit of space between the curtain and floor.  These curtains hang all the way to the trim, making it work. 

Typically long curtains should reach the floor, however in kitchens it's OK to have a bit of space between the curtain and floor.  These curtains hang all the way to the trim, making it work. 

Unfortunately while recently "cleaning up" my phone, I erased additional pictures I had of the kitchen "AFTER" shots. Darn!   A few simple additions with color, and the two rooms were instantly more cohesive. 

And that's a wrap for the "Beige to brilliantly colorful room" project.  It was a win-win for the the home-owners of this home, because they didn't have to spend any time planning, or shopping for the room; both things which they don't necessarily love to do.   The result is a room they love, and that're more representative of their tastes and personalities! 

Thank you Laura and Craig!  I hope you continue to enjoy your "new" rooms. 



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Love it or leave it? LOVE it: Room make-over REVEAL

It's a good day for a reveal day!  You have been seeing sneak peek pictures of this room make-over for weeks, and now it's time to see the before and after's! 

The home-owner's goal for her living room , was to create a "finished" look, and to add some pops of color.   Due to the room's neutral walls and flooring, I had a great canvas to work with. You'll soon see how color made a difference for this space!!!

Photos don't quite seem to capture it, but I think you'll get the gist of how this room transformed....

Let's start with the BEFORE shots: 

Don't forget the windows....

Not only is the room big, but it has some great features too, like the fireplace and mantle, and the many windows; all in need of some accessorizing.   I added window panels, and accessories and the entire look of the room changed instantly. 

Now let's move on to .the AFTER shots: (some are a bit blurry, darn! I must have been shaking with excitement!)

The home-owner already had the large tree mantle art, which I used as the inspiration for the room's color scheme and decor.  The mantle is so large, that I wanted to add a bit more to it for more pops of color, texture, and height....

The homeowner had a great table and chairs in a different area of the house, which were re-located to the "new" room. The family really wanted that addition so they could have game night in their favorite room of the house.  

Pretty AND Useful

Designing and planning a room is largely about knowing the needs for a room (how the room must function for you and your family), and whenever possible, using items you already have to re-create a space.  This table was a nice addition, and it looks great over that gorgeous rug! 

Try this simple trick for LARGE windows that span an entire wall: Use short window rods on each end of your windows. This worked GREAT for the windows in this room.   You can see this best in the photo above.

On the opposite end of the room we find the TV, sofas, and ottoman.  Due to wiring and location of cable hook-up, the TV had to stay on this end of the room (which is great because this allows for a separate reading, and game area right by the fireplace!)

tv couch rug full.jpg
The ottoman was re-upholstered by Heritage Antique and Re-upholstering.  Juan Perez did an amazing job.  THANK YOU Juan.  I enjoyed visiting with Juan at his shop, and choosing fabric options for the home-owner.    (so glad she chose THIS one!) 

The ottoman was re-upholstered by Heritage Antique and Re-upholstering.  Juan Perez did an amazing job.  THANK YOU Juan.  I enjoyed visiting with Juan at his shop, and choosing fabric options for the home-owner.    (so glad she chose THIS one!) 

Before, the TV was lonely, standing out against a neutral wall.  To warm that wall up, some height was added to each side of the TV using shelves.  A little wall art hung above the TV also made the space more complete.  Now, the TV is no longer the "centerpiece" on that wall.....

TV After.jpg

The fish tank table had to stay....due to a GIANT fish tank (and fish!) that sits on top it.  I used a few tricks up my sleeve to "hide" the storage cubbies, which created a more cohesive look!  

Accessories were also added to the top of the armoire. For a large room with tall ceilings, always go for BIG accessories! 

armoire after.jpg


And that's a wrap!

And that wraps up one of the largest rooms I've done to date!  Each project poses its own challenge, and this room was no exception.  But, I learn something so important from each and every project!  Above all, I really love using my talents for the benefit of others!  And I love solving home decorating problems that so many of us have at one point or another!!!!

Thank you for this opportunity Stonehouse family!  I hope you enjoy many family game nights, movie nights, and cozy nights by the fireplace in your new room! 


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Dreamy Teen Bedroom: FINAL REVEAL

Greetings! Happy Friday and happy reveal time!  Yesterday I had the honor of making over a bedroom into a cozy and dreamy oasis!  I've had the ideas in my mind for a while now, and to finally see it all come together in "real-life" was truly a treat!  Victoria, the teen I'm referring to, also LOVES her new space.   Her mother messaged me last evening and told me just how much. My heart sings. 

To see the sneak peeks of this project click on this links:  Dream Room Sneak Peek and Teen Bedroom: You want pattern and texture? Pattern and texture you shall get! 

Let's get to the best part. The BEFORE and AFTERS....  

BEFORE:  Before, the bed was located on the far wall, furthest from the door.  There was also a futon opposite this bed, leaving little "wiggle" space....

And here is that same corner AFTER:

The walls were painted in "Reflection" by Sherwin Williams prior to the room install

The walls were painted in "Reflection" by Sherwin Williams prior to the room install

To open up the room, the futon was removed, and the bed was put in it's place.....



To create more storage for books, I managed to squeeze a couple of crates between the bed and the wall.  The headboard also provides a great storage option that is functional, easily accessible, and cute. 


Since the futon was removed and the bed re-located, this left plenty of room for a desk and chair........

The side walls were decked out in gallery style frames and pictures, and some custom made hexagon shelves that I painted.  This is what those walls looked like before: 

And this is what they look like NOW: 

The hexagon shelves are a special feature in the room.  They were something Victoria had hoped for, after seeing a picture of a similar style shelving in a magazine.  I painted the exterior of the shelves chartreuse green, and left the natural pine wood interior. They look great in this space! 

Here's a re-cap at a glance: 

This project was a joy to work on.  It was exciting to create a space that Victoria loves, and that can grow with her in the upcoming high school years.  No more little girl's room!   The pictures all have the capability to be changed out, so there is flexibility and room for creativity as Victoria wishes.  

Here is what Victoria's mom had to say about it:  

"It was really fun to work with you and I truly appreciate how you treated Victoria in the process.  You did a great job of identifying her likes and dislikes and the room really represents her spirit.  So thank you- honestly this was the best thing for a mom with a teenage a fun shopping trip without the conflicts!" 

THANK YOU for tuning in today! Hoped you liked the before/afters!  




Teen Bedroom: made to order

Hello! It's snowing today. Alot.  Grrr.   To lighten our winter blues, I thought I'd share how this bedroom make-over story unfolded.  This has been such an enjoyable project. From working with the customer to creating a room rich in color, texture, and personality, it has been a fun journey.   Tomorrow is the big day....where the room actually gets put together.  I cannot wait. 

Here's a glance at the process that Victoria (the teen), and her mother, underwent as we embarked on this room make-over journey: 

1.  Initial home consultation  

I visited their home and we talked about Victoria's goals for the space. Her style and color preferences were discussed. She showed me some magazine pictures she liked. 

2.  Return visit

Within a week of our first meeting, I created a "Victoria" Pinterest board, and compiled product photos for her to look at during our second visit.  The return visit allowed us to finalize a plan.  I had the "green light" to get started.  At that point, they knew what specific key pieces they would obtain for the room (new storage bed frame, chair, and window hardware).  I covered all the rest. 

Victoria and her parents prepared the room (removed old items and furniture, repaired nail holes on the walls, applied fresh paint, assembled the new bed/headboard, and installed the window rods. The room was ready for its make-over! 

3.  Room Installation:  

This is the part when the room is put together! All the wall art is hung, the bedding is placed, the desk/chair, window treatments, and all other accessories for the room are put in their place! 

If you missed the sneak peek of this make-over, click this link: 

 Bringing the outside in, with this dreamy bedroom make-over

Dreamy Teen Bedroom Re-cap

This was Victoria's wish list: 

And these were the magazine pictures Victoria cut out to show me at our first visit: 

The picture above has a splash of bold color in the two storage ottomans, which caught Victoria's eye.

Victoria stated she loved the hexagon shelves in this picture. Soon you'll see what I did with that!  And, I would venture to guess that she also loved the pattern in the picture, too. (See photos below!)...

And this picture above screams texture and once again, pattern! From the natural wood materials of the desk and chair, to the pillows, headboard, bedding, and rug, the fact that this picture caught Victoria's eye, means she really likes texture and pattern (and blue, and chartreuse green!).  

And we're off!

Victoria is going to love her new room (at least I sure HOPE she does!).  Stay tuned for the pictures captured during, and AFTER the room install TOMORROW!!!!

Now quit it snow! 






The "Outdoorsy", dreamy Room Make-0ver: Sneak peek

Monday already? Where do the weekends go?  Today is sneak peek Monday.  In this post you'll see sneak peeks of a project I am currently working:  a room make-over.  Completion is planned for the end of February, early March 2017.   The room is taking the shape of a "dreamy", and "outdoorsy" teen room.  As I wrap up the re-creation phase of this project, I am feeling good about how it is coming together and I'm excited to share it with you today. 

Since Victoria likes the outdoors, I really wanted to incorporate that into her room. Additionally, her favorite colors are blue and green; great colors for bringing the outside, in.  Let's start there......a look at how the color scheme has come together over the last couple weeks.....

Bringing together a variety of blues and greens is what initially set this project off and running. Always start with color and go from there.   During the consultation, we looked at colors and talked about how color would be pulled into the room. 


Due to a radiator between two windows, we decided to eliminate a panel on that side of each window and leave just a single panel on each of those windows.  Two panels will go on the third window.  The window rods will be hung high above the window frame, which will make the room appear more spacious.  The panels will be floor-length.  Like this: 

Victoria wanted some type of pattern on the curtains.  We also determined a lighter color would be best; as dark panels might be "overbearing" for the small space.   Mission accomplished!  (Hint: they are in the picture below)

Time to adorn the walls.... 

The room is small, but its three windows provide great light and keep it open.  There is also just enough wall space....... for accessories!  A gallery wall is in the works (see picture below).   I really think Victoria is going to love her newly adorned walls; loaded with her favorite colors, and even some functional pieces she can use (I'll keep those a surprise for now).  

Natural materials like wood will bring an element of the outdoors onto the walls.   The pictures themselves will bring in a little nature, as well. 

Don't forget texture & pattern....

A variety of texture and pattern is great in any room, but in a bedroom it's, like, a requirement! Simply having a bed is providing texture to a bedroom!  Pillows, throw blankets, and quilts.are all examples of texture that make a bedroom feel lived-in, and look fantastic too! 

There will not be a shortage of texture and pattern in this room!  I promise. 


Beside the obvious necessary piece (a bed!), this  room will be getting a freshly painted desk in one of the colors below..... I cannot give away all the surprises today!  The next task on the list is finding a desk chair.  

I thought about using a plant stand for the chair (in the first picture above) While that would have been adorable, I found out...not a functional seating option; I totally bent it when I sat on it.  On to plan B.  (plan B will be just as cute). Stay tuned! 

And last but not least, decor....

Due to the smaller size of the room, decor will be simple, but if you've seen even just one blog post of mine, you know there WILL be some!  Some simple greenery spattered tastefully in the room is looking like a must....and again, a great way to bring nature in. 

And there you go! A little sneak peek of what's to come....again likely the end of February, early March!  I am really looking forward to getting everything in the room and of course, the reveal!

Happy Monday and have a great week. 


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Room Transformation: See how I pulled all the details together for a room that pops

Welcome to the final day in the series Home Decorating Projects: Get Them Done!  If you've tuned in this week, I hope you took away a tip or two on the little details that are so important in room design and decorating.   Today's post illustrates how the details really do add up!  And, when attention is given to the details, a room stands out and makes a statement.    

That is what happened to the two rooms you are about to see.  By incorporating color through textiles, accessories, furniture, and wall art, this living space came to life.    Here is the kitchen BEFORE its transformation (I had already painted the kitchen set, which you see in the picture)....

The kitchen set received a fresh coat of paint and new upholstery in a vibrant red/orange and white geometric print.  In choosing that particular fabric, the customer went out of her comfort zone (yeah! with a little nudge from me!), and she ended up loving the result.

Kitchen set BEFORE: 

Kitchen Set AFTER: 

What about the rest of the room?

It became apparent to the home-owner that the rest of her kitchen and the adjoining living room weren't working with her newly painted kitchen set.  The set now had color, but the rest of the space didn't. It was time to take it to the next level.....

Give me Accessories! 

The first item on the agenda was to add color.  This was achieved by adding plenty of accessories.   Wall art, additional accent furniture, table decor, and a variety of patterned throw pillows brightened up the space instantly.  No longer did that kitchen set stick out like a sore thumb.

Living room BEFORE: 


Don't forget the window!

With plenty of color added to both rooms, the bare kitchen wall with the window needed attention.  A pair of navy blue and cream geometric window panels, and a fun colorful print (that the home-owner picked out, wahoo!) helped provide visual balance between the kitchen and the living room: 

Here it is TODAY:


Color was pulled in through the window panels, accent pillows, wall art, table decor, and furniture.  The essential details I highlighted all week on the blog were included in this room make-over, and the result is a beautiful living space that the home owner loves. 

Additionally, a sea grass rug beneath the table, and a wicker chandelier, along with the smaller details like place mats, a table centerpiece, and greenery all provide additional texture throughout the room.  Texture adds richness to a room. 

Textiles like pillows, throw blankets, window panels, and a mix of geometric patterns created visual interest and depth to the space....

A variety of decor was used in both rooms; some I brought in, and some already owned by the home-owner (that's the beauty of home decorating Novo Decor style!).  All the accessories worked to pull the rooms together.  

Re-doing a room (or starting from scratch) can seem intimidating.  Knowing the basic components necessary in room design makes a big difference.  Start with the larger items (like the wall color, the furniture), and then fill in all the gaps with the details I outlined this week on the blog.  There aren't so many details, as there are possibilities!

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Gallery wall: REVEAL

Happy Friday!  This week kicked off the series "Home decorating projects: Get Them Done" with a focus on that annoying empty wall (and how to fill it!) If you saw this week's posts, I really hope you learned a tip or two, and are inspired to try a gallery wall!  If you missed those posts, no can see them HERE, HERE, and HERE

Today we're seeing the final reveal of a gallery wall I created for a customer (and friend, and my son's teacher a couple years back!).  Brenda had a home project on her to-do list for quite a while. She wanted to create a wall of family photos.  

But, her dilemma time to tackle it, and uncertainty about how to begin.  

Brenda found a solution.  She contacted me to make it happen for her.....and I was thrilled to jump in.  As you might have guessed, gallery walls are a favorite home design element of mine! Love doing them.      

Today, Brenda can officially check this task OFF her list and enjoy her new gallery wall.  


Step 1:  Consultation & Planning

The process began with a home visit with Brenda.  This allowed me to see her color scheme and decor style.  We talked about ideas for colors, frame style, as well as possibilities for a sign to go in the collection (like "family" or "blessings")  I drafted up 4 different gallery wall lay-outs, and she chose this one:

Step 2:  Preparation

Brenda's job:  Gather 10 photos,  based on sizes I recommended.  Brenda went with six horizontal 5x7 photos, and four 8x10 photos (2 horizontal, 2 vertical).  

My job:  Design the lay-out, obtain and customize the frames.  Incorporating 10 different picture frames and a hand-made sign that was consistent with Brenda's style was the key objective.   She was open to color, and a mix of frames, which is great because that is what makes a gallery wall stand out.  Here's a look at the preparation.....

Step 3: Finalize lay-out

I used a simple and convenient method for determining the gallery arrangement. .  You can view that tutorial HERE if you like!  

Here's what that process looked like: 

The photo above was posted to Facebook via Instagram....and Brenda commented, "LOVING these frames. I hope they are mine!".    Music to my ears.  Install day was around the corner....

STEP #4:  Install the gallery 

And the best part.....FINAL REVEAL DAY!.......  

Color, natural textures (wood), and neutrals were incorporated into this gallery, complimenting what Brenda already had going on in the room.  At the same time, the mix visually enhances her space.  It looks great and will be the first thing anyone sees upon entering the front door.  

Brenda loves her new wall.....and here's what she had to say about it....

Your decorating endeavors can be EASY, HASSLE FREE, FUN, and INSPIRING!  Above all, they should be a reflection of who YOU are.  I'd love to help you create your beautiful, "hand-made" and resourceful home! 

THANK YOU so much for tuning in this week!  I had a blast sharing tips with you on how to accessorize your empty wall!  Join me in saying GOOD-BYE to those boring empty walls, and HELLO to gallery walls!