Distressed chevron cedar chest: Sneak Peek!

Hello everyone!  Today's GREAT story is about a cedar chest I've just completed for a customer. In fact, she hasn't seen it yet (that's tomorrow!). 

Joy sent me a picture of a cedar chest she owns, and asked what could be done with it.  When I asked her about the history behind the piece, Joy didn't hesitate to answer my questions....

1. Who did this piece belong to? 

"This piece belonged to my grandmother, Elizabeth "Betty" Johnson.  It was a staple in her bedroom set.  Every time I would visit, she would open it up and let the granddaughters look through her "treasures"; jewelry, handkerchiefs, photos of her and my grandpa's dating years. In July 2013 I took a road trip to Tennessee with my sister and kids.  We helped my grandparents pair down their belongings and get things in order for an estate sale.  My grandmas asked if anyone wanted her chest, making a comment like......

"Women don't really have a need for something like this anymore I suppose"

"But, I love useful vintage furniture, and especially anything tied to family memories, so I said I"d take it!  My grandma went on to tell us that her own mother had taken her out to purchase this cedar chest when she was just 19 years old". Then she said...

"It cost a pretty penny!"

"So we loaded up the chest into my van, and made the trek back to Wisconsin.  My grandma passed away about 6 months later."  

Why did you decide to have this piece painted?

"I desire to display it in our home, and not keep it tucked in some back room just because of its color and condition."  Joy recalls her Grandma saying to her, 

"Take it if you can USE it, not just because you don't want to hurt my feelings"

Joy had an idea of colors she wanted, and she shared some pictures that inspired her.  After some discussion, a plan was determined. 

We agreed it would be a good idea to leave some of the original wood untouched. I love the mix of rich wood and paint.   And, no matter what our plan was, I think Elizabeth would be delighted to see her cedar chest proudly displayed and used! 

Cedar chest BEFORE: 

Elizabeth (Betty), I didn't know you, but I sure hope I did you proud with what once was your beloved cedar chest.  

Now boasting a fresh new look, it has come out of hiding and will be a continual reminder to Joy and her family, of you and your story! 

Sneak Peek........

STAY TUNED for the final REVEAL  TOMORROW!!!!!

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