Same Chair 4 Ways: Learn this upholstery trick in time for the holidays

Have you ever wished your chair upholstery actually matched the rest of your decor?  Is the upholstery from that “inherited” dining set outdated? With the holidays fast approaching, I have a “trick” that will instantly update your chairs. You can even add some holiday hues to your chairs for extra fun.  

I am not going to detail HOW to re-upholster a chair in this post. but you can go to this link for that:  Re-upholstering your dining or kitchen chairs   In this post, I'm sharing a tip for how to quickly and easily change out your upholstered chair.  In fact this is so quick and easy that you might find yourself changing your chair seat out with every changing holiday or season.  I know I do!  

Here is the same chair 4 different ways: 

The fabrics above are all temporary, and can be changed out. Here’s how the trick works:

  1.  On this particular example, there is a thin fabric that is permanently attached around the cushion and seat base (like seat covers should be).   Having a permanent cushion cover provides a smooth surface and nice clean edges to work with once your are ready to place your "temporary" fabric over it. For this chair you see, the screws from the chair bottom have already been removed.  And I'll admit....they've never been replaced!  I figure I can get by with this since the chair is mainly for looks!

2. Next, I choose my fabric and cut a piece large enough to be able to cover the seat, wrap around its edges, and tuck underneath.  As I wrap the fabric around, tucking it tightly under the edge of the seat, I gently push the seat into the seat frame so the fabric doesn't keep loosening or popping out as i move around the seat.  

3. If you have stray pieces of fabric hanging down below the chair seat, you can tape the upholstery to the seat bottom to secure it better (hide it!)     

4. Enjoy your “new” chair.

Time for this project: Approximately 20 minutes.

Other tips for this project: Cost effective alternatives to purchasing fabric at a fabric store:

  • Pillow cases (new ones)

  • Table linens (large cloth napkins or tablecloths)

  • Window panels

  • Thrift store fabric! MUCH cheaper than new.

  • You wouldn’t necessarily have to replace the screws on the bottom of your chair…unless the chair will be used!

With Christmas and New Year's on the horizon, you may be having guests, or, you may just want a fun holiday pop in the chairs you already have. Either way, you now have an instant method for updating your chairs.

Happy upholstering!