Christmas Decorating: Let Go, and Let the Kids!

We are fresh off a holiday weekend and hopefully gearing up for the upcoming weeks!  I actually went shopping on Black Friday this year.   We were in  desperate need of home necessities like bed sheets, and towels.  I've never had the desire to venture out on the busiest shopping day of the year, but I'm really glad I did!  For a novice black Friday shopper, the prices were unbelievable.   And as a result we now have a couple new sets of nice bed sheets! Like really nice bed sheets.  

The morning after Thanksgiving, I barely got my coffee in the system and our boys were asking to decorate for Christmas.  I have done well teaching them the joy of decorating!   All the Christmas decor was brought upstairs the night before, so, we were officially ready to devote some time to decking the halls!  

As I sipped my coffee, they went to work.  I had to let go, and let them do their thing.   I'll admit that it was hard to do this, but I vowed not to intervene during the process.   I knew deep down that it might not be long before I got my hands on what they'd done.  Sometimes the slightest asymmetry in how a vase is placed can cause an eye twitch.  Lol.   Here is a look at what my boys did....

My favorite is the picture of our dog Lexi displayed with one of the three kings.  

The stockings were hung and their home-made nut crackers placed on the mantle.   An unfinished ornament wreath I attempted years ago also made an appearance.

A couple more days passed, and it was Sunday.  I knew I couldn't hold off much longer.  Then it happened.  I began relocating decor uncontrollably.   I did, however, ask the boys if it was OK if I moved a thing or two.  They were totally on board with that.  So it was ok right?  A "thing or two" became everything....except for the stockings. 

The coffee table needed a little attention as well....

This table is the center of our living room and plays a functional role.  As much as I love the fact that my boys lined up the candles (and put a garland around one), the candles had to be moved.   A simple bowl filled with ornaments took their place.....

And that is a little tid-bit on our Christmas decorating over Thanksgiving weekend.  I think I did a good job of letting go....and letting the kids do it (at first, that is!).   I will add that I do let my kids decorate their rooms any way they want, so I am not entirely a decorating nazi mom!    

Have you started your Christmas decorating yet?  Can you let go and let your kids do it all, or do you have to contribute in some way? No matter what your approach is,  it is a special time of year and hopefully your decorating has been (or will be) fun and enjoyable for all! 

Coming up this week....

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