5 Steps to an easy DIY Family Command Center: For summer time too!

I don't know about you, but trying to keep papers organized at home has always been a challenge.  Before our DIY command center,  we'd been using our kitchen counter tops as a "paper collector", and it was highly ineffective.  Papers would get lost, throw out by accident, or buried.  (out of sight out of mind).   I knew we needed a solution. 

After browsing Pinterest, I decided to try a very simple version of a command center, that I knew I could keep up with.   

Here's what I used: 

1.  Two large bulletin (cork) boards measuring 2x3 feet.  They were not identical, as you can see, but that's OK because I covered them!


I wanted to utilize a narrow wall/corner in our kitchen for the command center. It's a wall I walk past everyday, and we can all see it easily.   My thought process was, if I could somehow attach these two boards, I could create one long, narrow board that would fit perfectly on that narrow wall.  

The boards, when placed vertically next to eachother, fit JUST RIGHT onto that wall. 


2.  Fabric:  Next I needed to find some fabric large enough to wrap around both of these boards. I found a tablecloth with a neutral color and pattern.  While I don't love it, I already had it on hand, and it works great for now; big enough to cover both boards nicely.  

3. Staple gun:  I used a staple gun to attach the edges of the fabric around the backside of the boards, all around the back edges.  Worked great.   If you don't have a staple gun you can use a glue gun, or a strong adhesive glue.  (sorry I totally forgot to take pictures of this step) 

"Wrapping" the boards was pretty easy ( and I didn't even attach the boards first!)  I placed my fabric face down on the  floor (sorry no picture!), and then put the boards face down, onto the fabric.  Then I pulled the fabric tight around the edges and stapled away.   

4.  Upholstery pins:  To give the board a more "finished" look, I used upholstery pins along the boarder.  I liked the result:

pins 2.jpg

5. Labels:  I made labels using typing paper, black paper, and the computer.  Why labels?  This is where the organization comes in....and my sanity...... 

I made labels for each child, and things like school, and events.  For now, I'm starting simple. I may add a category at some point, but so far this works.   Now, instead of piling up papers on our kitchen counters, I can stick them under the category they belong to.  They are easy to find, and I don't get confused with what papers belong to what kid! It's a win-win!  


Command Center: Effective, CHEAP! 

The boards were $1.99 a piece (Goodwill, of course!), and the fabric was $3.99 (also Goodwill).  For a giant command center that fits my wall perfectly, I'll pay $7.97 any day!  The upholstery pins came in a box of 30 and I bought them so long ago I do not remember what I paid! (Hobby Lobby).  

Feel the love

Here is what I love about this system:

1. . It was cheap to make

2. It was easy to make

3. It is easy to see and use

4. I can change it if I get sick of the fabric! I also have the flexibility to re-position the boards the horizontal way, creating a fatter, wider command center.   Nothing is permanent, in DIY world!!!

Do I run out of room on this board? 

Nope. And here's why:   The papers that do not absolutely have to be seen at all times go in labeled file folders, or, I pin a folder right to the board and put those papers inside.   By doing this, I save space, and still keep important papers close by.   

paper side view.jpg

And that's it!  So easy, and time-saving!  Our kitchen table and counter tops stay clear (most of the time) and I we can see what we need to at all times!!!

Do you have a family command center that works great for you??  If not, give this one a try!  

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

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