4 ways to decorate with pink

Greetings!  Pink isn't just for little girl nurseries anymore! Pink can be the most striking home accent color when used strategically!   You're either a lover of pink, or simply just don't think about it when decorating.  

From its subtle hues to its striking bold fuschias, I would bet most everyone can find a pink they really like. 

Not just for baby girls' nurseries

Pink has evolved into a gender neutral color, and home decor is no exception.  No longer is pink limited to the little girl's nursery, or bedroom!   Today I am sharing ways (big and small) that it can be incorporated into a room..... 


Rugs are statement pieces.  They help pull rooms together and are a great way to add pops of color.  No matter what your style is,  I guarantee there exists a rug for your home.  How about some pink in that rug?  See these examples from rugsusa.com.... 

So many different patterns and styles can make finding a rug overwhelming.  While it's a good idea to incorporate your accent colors in your rug choice, your rug doesn't have to match your decor perfectly. In fact, rugs can enhance the beauty of a room if they DON'T match perfectly. A rug with a splash of pink is a good start.  


Throw pillows are a simple way to add a punch of pink to any room.  If you are trying pink for the first time, pull it in with pillows.  On that note, look for pillow covers containing pink and cover your existing throw pillows.  You can find pillow covers on Amazon.  This is a low-cost alternative to spending $30 on a new pillow!  

Take a look at these fun pink throw pillows from Target.....


When you think of pink curtains it may create visions of your childhood room, daughter's room, or your baby girl's nursery, but pink curtains can be classy in an adult living space.  Seriously!

Dressing up your windows in rich hues of pink is sure to create an impact.  Here are some great examples....

Pink curtains don't have to take center stage either!  See the panels below with a splash of pink in them....

Use caution with Pink

When trying any new color for the first time, be careful not to incorporate too many larger pieces in that color (example:  large pink rug and pink curtains, or a large piece of pink furniture, and a pink rug). While pink accents are great, it can be overdone, and all those larger accents will compete with one another.    

Pull in your pink accents strategically, and perhaps start with one larger piece, or a few smaller accents. 


Equally important as a large statement piece, are the smaller accents throughout a room.  Here are some examples of smaller accents that don't scream pink,  but have the potential to carry the color throughout a room.....

Who doesn't love a pink elephant?  And a pink vase.....at Target! 

You can also pull in subtle pink accents with your wall art, and even in your lamps...

Whether you choose subtle hues, or bold shades, pink can be a fun color to experiment with. 

Cheers to Pink! 


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Source: www.novodecorco.com