Inspiring and Simple Decor Updates to Try

Hello!  It is time to dive into week #2 of "The Thrifted Home" series! Last week I provided information on thrift store secrets (knowing what to look for, and where to look),  thrifting "rules" to live by (tried and true tips), and examples of ways to update your thrifted home decor.    Today I'm sharing additional examples of updates that can be done to thrifted pieces. I've also included links to full room views of these updated pieces.  Seeing how decor plays a role in an entire room is the best part, and that will be the focus this week....pulling it all together in order to create a beautiful room that represents who you are.  

The items you are about to see were all updated for their "new" spaces. By implementing these 4 simple ideas, these items work magnificently in the rooms they were meant for.....

Despite the unattractive picture in the frame on the left, I snatched it up anyway....because it was the frame itself that caught my eye.  The frame was in great condition (an important criteria), and already had hanging hooks in place.  All that had to be done was to clean the glass, and place a new picture in it!   This is a good example of a simple update to a thrifted item. And it required minimal time and supplies.  

Above is a small accent table that was fine before, but even better with a couple coats of paint!  Simple painting projects like this one can result in the most dramatic transformations.  And it is those dramatic transformations that can make a statement in any room.  If you've been thinking about donating your accent or end tables, think again!  Now is your chance to try a new spring color to brighten your home.  See the table in its new room at NEW ROOMS 2016: REVEAL

The vase below used to be black, but in its new room, a solid black would have stuck out like a sore thumb.  This transformation took 30 minutes to complete (allowing dry time) and required only three supplies:  painter's tape, spray paint, and scraps of old t-shirt to protect previously painted areas.   The white and gold lightened up the piece (and believe it or not the space too!), while the navy "anchored" it, providing a contrast against the neutral wall.   For views of this whole room, go to New Room: Reveal

Lastly,  the chair below received an entirely new look with only two additions:  1.  Fresh blue paint,  and 2.  A bold fabric in an orange and cream geometric pattern.  There are three more chairs (and a table!) to go with this one!  To see the full post on that project go to:   Kitchen Set: It's Reveal Time

To see a tutorial on re-upholstering chairs go to Re-Upholstering Dining/Kitchen Chairs

And there you have it.   Four examples of home decor items, that required a little vision and TLC to become stand-outs in their spaces.  Look around your home and identify 3 things that might be in need of a transformation.   With the spring season ahead, it's a great time to imagine the possibilities with your already existing decor.  Short on decor?  Go out thrifting!  Hopefully my tips will prove effective for you!  If you want a refresher or missed that post, go to Try These Thrift Secrets for your next Thrift Store Success.  

Thrifting and updating decor takes time and patience.   It is not always easy to envision what a room needs or will look like once items are "changed"!   With plenty of time and practice, a design plan, and a vision for your space,  it can happen!   More to come this week on the final outcome, using this method......

Here's to updating your old and tired decor and transforming thrift finds that are sure to score big in your space!  

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A collection of thrifted items once "left at the curb" and transformed into modern, chic pieces that together create a beautiful space......    

A collection of thrifted items once "left at the curb" and transformed into modern, chic pieces that together create a beautiful space......