Create this simple fall foliage arrangement for the home (even for the non DIY-er!)

Well, it's here in full swing.  Fall.  The leaves have gotten their cue from Mother Nature....and so it must go.  Are you ready?   Ready or not, it truly is a beautiful season in Wisconsin!

Today I am sharing what might be one of the shortest, most simple seasonal decorating DIY tutorials in existence.  And that's what might make it tempting to try.....even for you non DIY-er's out there! 

Every fall I find myself searching for a simple fall foliage arrangement for the house.   I can never find what I'm looking for; arrangements look too fake, over-done, or they aren't quite my style.  A few years ago that changed........

I was rummaging around our boxes in the basement and happened upon some "stray" artificial leaves.  They must have fallen off some other decor I used in the past, and were left in the box. There was a handful of these leaves; not enough for a full arrangement, but just enough for something very simple.  So, here's what I did:

I made my own "minimalist" arrangement, using a single branch from the yard, and the handful of leaves I found; eleven to be exact.  The leaves were a variety of colors and sizes. Bonus. 

Here is what I used to pull this little seasonal DIY project together (in only 5 minutes)....


1. Fake leaves (you could use real ones, but the risk of them shriveling and turning brown is high)  A handful of leaves is all you need

2.  Glue gun. If you don't have one, super glue, or even regular school glue would work

3.  Tree branch, or large twig with several "arms" (looks more tree-like)

4. Vase, jar, or wine bottle

Here's how: 

1. Find a branch with a decent stem, about 6-8 inches long. You'll need a long enough stem to place in your vase or jar. I used a glass bottle with a narrow opening which helped secure the branch in place. 

2. Decide where you want each each leaf.  Apply glue to those areas on the branch, and stick your leaves on.

3. Place the stem in your bottle, and admire your new fall foliage arrangement, "minimalist" style! 


What do you think?  Was I right?  One of the simplest seasonal DIY projects that exists!   This arrangement has made an appearance in our house over the last three fall seasons.   This year it's on the mantle.....

If you don't already have any old fall arrangements with leaves, you can find them many places. In fact, even the Dollar Store has them.   Just remove a handful of leaves from the arrangement, and use them for your awesome new "minimalist" fall accessory!  The leaves will look less fake once they are glued to your authentic branch.  Trust me. 

So, whether you are a DIY-er or not, if you're looking to dress your home up with a little more "fall" this season, (and don't want to spend much) why not give this super simple fall leaf "arrangement" a try?!  I don't think you'll regret it! 

Happy Fall and happy branch hunting! 


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