4 most dramatic furniture make-overs in 2016

If you love color, or big change, you might be ready to take the leap and go BOLD in 2017.  In today's post, you are going to see furniture that went on to become one-of-a-kind conversation pieces.   With a vision, a fearless edge, and a readiness for change, almost any piece of furniture has the potential to become a knock-out statement piece for the home.  

Ready to see these rockin' pieces of furniture? 


This piece is timeless and modern.  The piano was painted in white, providing a classic backdrop for the geometric pattern and bold color.   We didn't go overboard by painting the WHOLE thing in pattern and color, but chose a section that would beautifully showcase the home-owner's style!   Bold, yet not too crazy....


A small piece it is, but one of the most challenging make-overs in 2016. The results were worth it.  And the best part?  The piece will continue to be passed down in the family, boasting a beautiful new color, and adorable vintage liner.  

The little kitchenette and I became good friends.....Is that dirt in those drawers?   Yes!  This photo is called "Study the piece".....how fitting! 


You would hardly recognize this hutch now.....Here it is before paint....

And here it is after:


Bold, yet still versatile and able to serve many purposes from art supply storage, to linens and baskets for tasteful and modern open storage.  

Armoire to baby-changing "table"

In search of a large armoire for a customized baby changing station, we found this big brown (and quite ugly!) piece that was perfect for our mission:

Why this piece?  It was sturdy.  It was HUGE.  It had the potential to become a gorgeous white shabby chic piece for a baby room.......and that's exactly what happened.......

And there you have it.  Four of the most dramatic furniture make-overs in 2016!  Each of these pieces was challenging for a different reason, but each memorable...and now serving as beautiful focal points in their homes!!!

Here's to dramatic furniture make-overs in 2017!!!!

Do you have a piece of furniture hiding in the basement?  Take a good look at it....where else could that piece work in your home?  Think function......and then think "BOLD"!    Take a chance on your furniture! 


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