Dreamy Teen Bedroom: FINAL REVEAL

Greetings! Happy Friday and happy reveal time!  Yesterday I had the honor of making over a bedroom into a cozy and dreamy oasis!  I've had the ideas in my mind for a while now, and to finally see it all come together in "real-life" was truly a treat!  Victoria, the teen I'm referring to, also LOVES her new space.   Her mother messaged me last evening and told me just how much. My heart sings. 

To see the sneak peeks of this project click on this links:  Dream Room Sneak Peek and Teen Bedroom: You want pattern and texture? Pattern and texture you shall get! 

Let's get to the best part. The BEFORE and AFTERS....  

BEFORE:  Before, the bed was located on the far wall, furthest from the door.  There was also a futon opposite this bed, leaving little "wiggle" space....

And here is that same corner AFTER:

The walls were painted in "Reflection" by Sherwin Williams prior to the room install

The walls were painted in "Reflection" by Sherwin Williams prior to the room install

To open up the room, the futon was removed, and the bed was put in it's place.....



To create more storage for books, I managed to squeeze a couple of crates between the bed and the wall.  The headboard also provides a great storage option that is functional, easily accessible, and cute. 


Since the futon was removed and the bed re-located, this left plenty of room for a desk and chair........

The side walls were decked out in gallery style frames and pictures, and some custom made hexagon shelves that I painted.  This is what those walls looked like before: 

And this is what they look like NOW: 

The hexagon shelves are a special feature in the room.  They were something Victoria had hoped for, after seeing a picture of a similar style shelving in a magazine.  I painted the exterior of the shelves chartreuse green, and left the natural pine wood interior. They look great in this space! 

Here's a re-cap at a glance: 

This project was a joy to work on.  It was exciting to create a space that Victoria loves, and that can grow with her in the upcoming high school years.  No more little girl's room!   The pictures all have the capability to be changed out, so there is flexibility and room for creativity as Victoria wishes.  

Here is what Victoria's mom had to say about it:  

"It was really fun to work with you and I truly appreciate how you treated Victoria in the process.  You did a great job of identifying her likes and dislikes and the room really represents her spirit.  So thank you- honestly this was the best thing for a mom with a teenage daughter...like a fun shopping trip without the conflicts!" 

THANK YOU for tuning in today! Hoped you liked the before/afters!