The "Outdoorsy", dreamy Room Make-0ver: Sneak peek

Monday already? Where do the weekends go?  Today is sneak peek Monday.  In this post you'll see sneak peeks of a project I am currently working:  a room make-over.  Completion is planned for the end of February, early March 2017.   The room is taking the shape of a "dreamy", and "outdoorsy" teen room.  As I wrap up the re-creation phase of this project, I am feeling good about how it is coming together and I'm excited to share it with you today. 

Since Victoria likes the outdoors, I really wanted to incorporate that into her room. Additionally, her favorite colors are blue and green; great colors for bringing the outside, in.  Let's start there......a look at how the color scheme has come together over the last couple weeks.....

Bringing together a variety of blues and greens is what initially set this project off and running. Always start with color and go from there.   During the consultation, we looked at colors and talked about how color would be pulled into the room. 


Due to a radiator between two windows, we decided to eliminate a panel on that side of each window and leave just a single panel on each of those windows.  Two panels will go on the third window.  The window rods will be hung high above the window frame, which will make the room appear more spacious.  The panels will be floor-length.  Like this: 

Victoria wanted some type of pattern on the curtains.  We also determined a lighter color would be best; as dark panels might be "overbearing" for the small space.   Mission accomplished!  (Hint: they are in the picture below)

Time to adorn the walls.... 

The room is small, but its three windows provide great light and keep it open.  There is also just enough wall space....... for accessories!  A gallery wall is in the works (see picture below).   I really think Victoria is going to love her newly adorned walls; loaded with her favorite colors, and even some functional pieces she can use (I'll keep those a surprise for now).  

Natural materials like wood will bring an element of the outdoors onto the walls.   The pictures themselves will bring in a little nature, as well. 

Don't forget texture & pattern....

A variety of texture and pattern is great in any room, but in a bedroom it's, like, a requirement! Simply having a bed is providing texture to a bedroom!  Pillows, throw blankets, and quilts.are all examples of texture that make a bedroom feel lived-in, and look fantastic too! 

There will not be a shortage of texture and pattern in this room!  I promise. 


Beside the obvious necessary piece (a bed!), this  room will be getting a freshly painted desk in one of the colors below..... I cannot give away all the surprises today!  The next task on the list is finding a desk chair.  

I thought about using a plant stand for the chair (in the first picture above) While that would have been adorable, I found out...not a functional seating option; I totally bent it when I sat on it.  On to plan B.  (plan B will be just as cute). Stay tuned! 

And last but not least, decor....

Due to the smaller size of the room, decor will be simple, but if you've seen even just one blog post of mine, you know there WILL be some!  Some simple greenery spattered tastefully in the room is looking like a must....and again, a great way to bring nature in. 

And there you go! A little sneak peek of what's to come....again likely the end of February, early March!  I am really looking forward to getting everything in the room and of course, the reveal!

Happy Monday and have a great week. 


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