Fall Countdown: Day #1 - So long summer

Hello and happy "Fall Week".  I realized that this Friday, September 22 is the first day Fall officially begins! One thing about Fall I love, is decorating!  From the rich colors, to the rustic textures and decor, it all creates that warm, fall feel that makes you want to cuddle up with a cup of coffee, and a good book.  Who's with me? 

I'm sure some of you have already started your Fall decorating. That is awesome!  Your task this week is to share a picture of your Fall decorating on Novo Decor's Facebook page!  Pretty puh-lease!   Is fall decorating far off your radar, and you've still got summer "stuff" taking up valuable fall decorating space? I get it.  Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum,  I hope you can take at least one small tip away from this week's Fall Countdown, and get one step closer to a house that looks and feels like Fall!  


Put away your summer "things".  

Summer "things" include anything and everything you used in summer, that you're not likely to use in Fall  (beach bags, swim towels, swim gear, pool toys, flip flops, mega sunscreen bottles, empty sunscreen or near-empty sunscreen bottles, etc.).    

Anything summer must find a home now!!!  If it looks like summer, makes you feel like summer, or smells like summer......it's time to say so long, until next summer......

So long summer, and you're ready for days #2-5 of this week's Fall Countdown!   Be sure to check in to Novo's Facebook page all week to see the latest.   if you accomplish even one of these five things, share your photo on Novo's Facebook page!!!!      I'd love to see your progress!!! 

Happy almost-Fall!