Fall Countdown: Day #3- Got Fall Decor?

Greetings and welcome to Fall Countdown, Day #3.  (if you missed day #1, and #2 see them here:  Day 1: So long Summer, and Day 2: Get organized)    Today is all about that Fall decor we can't help but love.  What's Fall decor?  It's definitely not limited to orange pumpkins that say, "Welcome Fall" on them, that's for sure!  

Read on my friends, and see how you can re-create and combine what you already have, into a smashing fall haven!  Here are some fall features to think about when choosing your decor: 

  • Bold colors!  Pinks and oranges are gorgeous this time of year. And I'm not talking about baby pinks!  Bold pinks like fuscias!  Now mix them with other more traditional falls colors like oranges and yellows! Yes that's what I'm talking about!  (good-bye brown). 
fall decor watermark.png
  • Bowls of fruit (artificial or real)  I love putting pears in bowls during the fall season.  There is something about it that speaks "Fall" to me!  Do you have a wooden bowl from 1974? Even better. Grab that bowl and fill it up girlfriend.  

Another feature of fall decor?  

  • Texture.  You can incorporate texture in your throw pillows, throw blankets, baskets, and wall decor........

Curtains also provide texture and warmth, and speak "Fall" for any room in the house!  It's amazing what panels can do for a window, and an entire room!  

curtain mantle.jpg

The photo below is the "poster child" for Fall.  The colors, and all the textures.....from pillows, to wicker, to the stone fireplace and window panels, this space truly says Fall.  With all the windows this room has to offer, the turning leaves are sure to compliment the warmth on inside.... makes me want to cuddle up in that room with a coffee! 

Stonehouse one.jpg
  • Rustic wood decor.  Nothing says Fall quite like rustic wood decor!  Grab an old crate and use it in non-traditional ways....
  • Mason Jars.  I use these constantly!  They are multi-season and wonderful for floral arrangements.  In Fall I like using twigs.....LOTS of twigs. 
  • Fall wreaths and florals  These are traditional staples that you simply cannot go wrong with! I use this twig wreath every season, with a simple change of the ribbon.....
fall mantle.png

Look around the house and see what decor you have.  What touches can you add to it, to turn it into Fall decor?  The simpler the better.  Add a few of the items I highlighted today and you're well on your way!  

Happy Fall decorating! 


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