Fall Countdown: Day #2: Get organized

If you are tuning in for the first time this week, today is day #2 of Novo Decor's Fall countdown. Whether you've had your Fall decorations up for weeks (you know who you are! Lol),  or haven't even thought about putting your summer "stuff" away (yep,  I know you're out there ), this week's tips are meant to give us all a boost in some way or another! 

Today's task:   Get organized!

Here are four things that will help you quickly and cute-ly (that's not a word, but whatever. It fits here) organize your home so that your Fall decor will stand out even more (if you're the one who has had Fall decor out for weeks already), or, so that you can find places to put your Fall decor (if you fall into the "haven't put away summer stuff yet" category). 

Some of the concepts in the four items below are repeated, but, this is good because it illustrates different possibilities for some fun, & pretty organization.....

1.  Crates or bins:  

Any type of crate or bin can make organization not only easy and convenient, but cute too. Colored plastic crates like the one you see below work great in kids' spaces.  This would NOT be the type of crate by our fireplace.  You get the idea....


You can take crates a step further by placing smaller containers inside for all that small annoying stuff that you can never seem to hide.  I used soup cans in the picture above. 

2.  Shelves

Shelves are great not only for organizing, but also for accessorizing. Why not maximize the function of shelves and use them for both?  It totally works.....


Oh! And look-ey here......more soup cans, and I spot some coffee cans too.  Shelves make storage options look "finished", and well-planned.  Inside those coffee cans there is craziness, but rest assured that I know what's in them, and they look pretty.  Huge win. 

3.  CANS (of the soup, and coffee variety)

lime hutch mine.jpg

As you can see, I love cans.  When I say that word, "cans",  I can't help but think about a college friend who visited the Kohler Design center with me years back (15+ years back, wow I feel old).  She called it the "Wall of cans".  Lol.  

The photo above brings me to my fourth and final piece in the home that allows us to organize well, and "cute-ly" (there's that word again!).....

4.  Hutches

I have said it before and I'll say it again (and again!)....but hutches are seriously the bomb for organization.  If you need organization desperately in your home, consider using your old hutch, or purchasing a hutch of some sort.  If you do the latter, might I suggest a used hutch, and then hiring Novo Decor to update it for you.  Woop!  Now that's an idea.   (couldn't resist). 


As demonstrated above, I go nuts for hutches.  They add height to any room (which rooms need!), they add color, and in line with today's task they help us organize!  The icing on the cake is that they allow us to accessorize WHILE we organize.  Are you loving that as much as I am?  

Take-home message

And that concludes Day #2 of my Fall Countdown!  Hop on that organizational band-wagon (if you haven't already!) and remember these four pieces that can effectively and "cutely" (I can't stop now) organize your "things".  Because a well organized home is a home that says, "Decorate me, pretty puh-lease". 

Coming up tomorrow......Day #3: Got Fall Decor?   (Ooooooh, I'm super excited)