Welcome Fall: Now the fun begins

Greetings! Not only is today Friday (yahoo!), but it's the first day of Fall!  Though it hasn't felt like fall all week outside, maybe it's starting to inside the house?  If you saw my Fall Countdown this week, I hope you liked it and tried at least one thing to prepare your home for the new season!   

"Wait, what?  Fall countdown? Where?"

If that is you, yes, there was indeed a fall countdown I shared on Novo Decor's Facebook page all week.  It's purpose?  To give you a jump start on your Fall-ready home!  I've included the links to all my posts here: 

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Fall Countdown: Day #4:  Make a Fall DIY!

Today is day #5, the final day of "Fall week", but I am not adding anything new for your Fall-ready home.  Instead, I thought I'd share a re-cap from the past week at Novo Decor....

Preparing your home for Fall: 

Put away summer stuff (finally!) and get organized

See the full blog post at the link above: Day #1)

See the full blog post at the link above: Day #1)

Getting organized allows more space for all the fun decor that Fall brings!  Replace those beach bags and pool noodles with rustic baskets and fall floral arrangements....like this very simple one YOU can make (in 15 minutes or less)....

From Day #4 (See the full tutorial at the link above)

From Day #4 (See the full tutorial at the link above)

fall mantle.png

Fall decor doesn't have to say "Welcome Fall" or "Happy Fall y'all". Fall decorating means a mix of rich colors and textures.  Try throw blankets, decorative pillows, baskets, and rustic decor like wood crates or trays!  Mix it up, mix it up, mix it up!  The more mixed, the better! 


Mixing patterns is fun in Fall.  I think of rustic-ness when I think of Fall, and "rustic-ness" isn't perfect! That's what makes it great, and lived in, and cozy, and YOURS.  


Add some old wooden crates to the mix....


Fall colors don't have to be the traditional fall colors! I love yellow, but say good-bye to the yellow, brown, red, and orange combination! It's time to try something new....like a deep, rich pink mixed in! Pair a non-traditional fall color like fuscia with your old fall "go-to" color orange or yellow!  It works.  

fall decor watermark.png
pink rug.jpg

Fall decor "staples" to try this year

  • Rustic framed mirrors

  • Bold floral arrangements  

  • Mason jars!   

You can't go wrong with a simple Mason jar filled with twigs! Yes twigs from your yard serve as a gorgeous fall accent!  I use them often. 

Fall Countdown comes to an end

To all good things, there must come an end right?  Fall countdown is ending today, but now the real fun begins!  The weather will start cooling down, and those leaves will turn. When these things happen, you can't help but add something to your home that reminds you of Fall!

I hope you've taken away a tip or two from this week's Fall countdown (or today's post if you are tuning in for the first time!).  It's time for the new season, inside and out!  

Happy weekend and Happy Fall,