Finding Novo Decor in 2016

Novo Decor Co. is bursting at the seams with excitement for 2016.   New blog content, events, products, and services are just a few simple clicks away!   If you are new to Novo Decor Co. and seeing my posts for the first time,  here are some convenient ways for you to get to know me, and what my products and services are all about.   If you are familiar with my blog and my work, I invite you to go a step further and take advantage of my offerings in 2016!  From workshops, social and promotional events, to new products/services, and a monthly newsletter...I strive to provide useful and engaging content to meet all your decorating and furniture restoration needs! 

My business exists for a few reasons:  1.  To live my dream everyday doing what I love most (2nd to being a wife and mother!),  2.  To share my passion for home decor and inspire you to love your space!  and 3. To empower YOU!   Novo Decor Co. wants YOU!   My mission wouldn't be possible without you, my customers and followers.    So, what is my mission?     


In order to uphold my mission I have to be easily accessible.   Here are 11 ways I can be found, yes 11!  

1.  EMAIL:    My email address is   I check my email multiple times a day, and pride myself on responding in a timely manner.  Nothing makes me happier than to see an email notification.....I love hearing from you.  Whether you have questions about your baby's room design and decor, are planning to re-decorate a room, or need fresh new ideas for your space, just ask!  

2.  PHONE:  920-627-1001.  Calling can be easier than any other form of communication.  No one likes phone tag though, and in today's high-tech communication world, we find ourselves utilizing texting, emails, and other forms of communication aside from actual talking.  BUT,  when you have a decorating dilemma, talking it out can be so much more helpful. We love our texting, but sometimes a good old fashioned phone conversation is just the way to go!  Call me. I'd LOVE to chat.     

3.  WEBSITE:  www.   The hub of my business is my website.  It is on my website where you will find all the specific information about myself, my products and services, and my style. You can access my blog from the home page of my website.  At the top you will see headers and "Blog" is one of them.   At you can also view my project gallery to see examples of my work.     

4.  FACEBOOK:  To find me on facebook just go to:

When I publish something on my blog, I often route it to facebook, however, I don't route all my posts to facebook, and this is because I desire my website to ultimately be the hub of Novo Decor Co.   See #3 above to go directly to my website!  

5.  NEWSLETTER:  You can subscribe to my mailing list for the latest information on promotions, deals, and events.  Subscribing is totally FREE, and you can unsubscribe at any time.  I typically send out monthly emails.  If you are already a subscriber, thank may have noticed it has been several months since my last mailing! As a subscriber, you are the first to hear of special offerings and sales.  I understand how overloaded email inboxes get, which is why I provide information you can actually use, or need!  Give it a try, and I promise you won't be disappointed!  To subscribe now, just click here:  SUBSCRIBE NOW

6.  MY BLOG:  My blog is a large part of my website.  If you go to my website you will see categories at the top.  Blog is one of those categories.  Click on Blog and you are now able to see my most recent post.   You can also access my blog directly by going to:   With a new year comes goals to improve my website as well as your navigation experience.  I know how frustrating it is when you are on a website and unable to find what you are looking for.  I certainly don't want that to be the experience for you on my blog.  If you've struggled to navigate on my site, or cannot seem to find what you are looking for, please do tell me!  I want to fix any and all glitches if they exist.

7.  PINTEREST:  If you use Pinterest, you know how much information is out there.  It can be overwhelming, but you can quickly and easily find Novo Decor Co. on Pinterest at:   Currently my own pins are combined with other things I've pinned from other people.   You will know which pins are originals of mine because they are marked with my logo (To see my logo go to my website, it is on every page!).  To make it easier to find Novo Decor Co pins, I will be creating new boards specific to my business in 2016, making my projects easily found and pin-able.  

8.     INSTAGRAM: If you already use Instagram,  you can find me at novodecor2015.  If you are not in Instagram (and many people are not), curious to view Novo Decor Co. on Instagram,  just go to  This link will take you directly to my profile.  Instagram is a fun way to communicate by sharing photos and videos.  I love sharing photos of my pieces, projects, and decor collections during room re-design.  I also post photos that inspire me, and an occasional "kid" shot. .  Instagram is one way I share the personality and style behind Novo Decor Co. .  Follow me on instagram to get the inside scoop on projects I'm working on!  People love seeing sneak peeks on their own pieces and well as project for others..  Interested in starting an Instagram account?   Go to   You will need a password and log-in.

9.  PERISCOPE:  Periscope is an app that allows live broadcasting from any device.  But you don't have to download it in order to view broadcasts!  Just go to  to view my live broadcasts.  Tip:  Broadcasts are only view-able for 24 hours after the broadcast start time.  I will post days/times I plan to do these.  Hope you join me on Periscope in 2016! 

10.  TWITTER:  Twitter is another form of socialization via pictures and words.  A twitter post has a word limit, which is why I find myself not using it as frequently.  If you have a Twitter account you can find me at Kate@novodecor, or you can go to

9.  COLLABORATION WITH OTHER AREA BUSINESSES:  I cannot share the details just yet, but I may be making an appearance in other locations in the community.  I am really excited about the possibilities for collaborative efforts in 2016 and the potential for growth.  

And there you have it....11 ways you can find me in 2016.  I truly hope you've enjoyed the content I've shared in 2015....and I really hope you continue to check back for the latest and greatest in home decor and design...."Novo Decor Co. Style".   If you are new to Novo Decor Co. in 2016 a heart-felt "Welcome".  I am thrilled you checked in and I wish you success in your own home decor and design endeavors.     

Did you find this post useful?  If you have questions about how to get in touch with me, or about my services, just Click the button below.   I am happy to answer your questions...and of course, to talk decor and home design.