Pinterest User? Follow Novo Decor!

Pinterest is a great way to get inspiration and to organize the things we love all in one location.   It is wonderful, but also dangerous if we slip into the "Pinterest coma" (when you scroll through images uncontrollably and love/pin everything you see)!     

Here's something you might not know about Pinterest.....

Novo Decor is on Pinterest!  

I have boards specific to each area of my business from room make-overs, to painted furniture, and thrifting tips!  When I write a blog article, that article goes directly to the Pinterest board I tell it to.  So If I'm writing about a furniture re-do, I"ll pin that right to my Painted Furniture board.   The link below will take you directly to my Pinterest profile, where you'll see all my boards: 

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Good news!    

As a Pinterest user, you are probably already following a favorite topic/board or two.  Following a specific board is nice, because you get notification when something new is posted to that board.  

Following a board brings you the topic you are interested in, without all the other "stuff" that may not be relevant to you.   That's good news.   Here is a look at boards I've created, and what you can expect to see in each of them....

Novo Decor Board Names

  • Novo Decor Co.  : Learn more about Novo Decor's mission, and services
  • Novo Decor Painting:  "How-to" guides for furniture painting
  • Novo Decor Tutorials:  "How-to" guides for your home decorating and furniture projects.  
  • Novo Decor Thrifting Inspiration:  Become a savvy second-hand shopper for the home
  • Novo Decor Rooms:  See room make-over tips, and customer room transformations, before/afters
  • Decorating Tips: Learn tips for a home interior you really love. 
  • Custom Furniture Series:  See customer orders here, and get a feel for my process and my style. 

Pin to your heart's content!

All the images on my website, and blog, are pin-able.  Hover over a picture, and you'll see the pin-it button.  (see example below).  I am honored if you'd like to share any of my images, but all I ask is   1. Please do not crop them  and 2. Please link them back to my post or website. Thank you, kindly!  

Following Novo Decor Pinterest boards is an easy way to get information that's most relevant to you.  It's also a great option if you enjoy seeing my "stuff", but aren't on Facebook or Instagram regularly.  

Pinterest can be an effective tool for inspiration, organization of ideas, and discovery of your own style.   I find this method particularly useful with for an upcoming post on how that' done!!!

Here's to new ideas and inspiration in 2017 & Happy Pinning!! 

Stay warm!