First Customer in 2015: Thank You

Hi!   I am wrapping up 2015 and my first 7 1/2 months in business!   As we approach a new year, I've been thinking about all the things I've learned along the way.  From mistakes made, and new ideas learned, to successes, failures, and new friendships, all of these experiences have helped me grow, both personally and professionally.   With this growth comes new ideas and other ways to better serve you in 2016; ways that are distinctly Novo Decor Co.!   Of course none of this is possible without you, my customers!  My customers are what make my job so rewarding. But it's not 2016 I'd like to start by first looking back at 2015, and recognizing my very first customer!  

Her name is Becky.  She is an amazing person full of contagious energy and enthusiasm.   I was so happy when she reached out to me asking my opinion on a table.  The table was given to her by her Grandmother years ago.  She sent me a picture of the table, and texted, "Watcha think?"   I saw the potential immediately!   Becky expressed that the table held meaning to her and she did not want to part with it, but that she thought it could use an update.  

Next we discussed her color preferences and she sent me some photos of her living room. Within a week I had the table in my "workshop" and began the process of giving the table a fresh new look!  

Here is what the table looked like before: 

And here is the table after: 

The outcome was a success.  Becky and her husband love their her new table.  It sits in the same room it did before, only now it stands out!  

Conversation pieces are great to make, and great to have!  This table has good bones and is sure to last many, many more years sporting its fresh look.   And who knows, one day the time may come for another new look.  

So a big "Thank You" to Becky!  I will always remember my first customer. 

Do you have a piece that you don't want to part with, but is desperate for a new look?  I'd love to talk!   

Coming Soon:   CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS.     See what some of my 2015 customers have to say!    Don't miss it!