IN THE BUFF: October Feature

Today marks the first furniture feature for "In The Buff"!   For the kick-off I decided to post two pieces (they are a set of accent tables!).   If you saw my post Friday "Novo Decor Co. is In The Buff" then you've gotten a taste of what "In The Buff" is all about.  But if not, you can check it out it  HERE.   

When you look at the tables, think about the following:   How could I use the them?  Is there a special "nook" in my house for them?  Could I separate them and use them in different locations?   Is there a new color I'm trying to incorporate into my space and could it be with these tables?   Maybe they serve as fun accents in your house or child's room?  Christmas gift? Oh my did I just say "Christmas?"  You get the idea.....Lol.  (I'm just getting so excited thinking about the possibilities!) 

For details on how In The Buff works, just click on this title:  "Are You In The Buff?" 

And here they are:   

These are light-weight wood accent tables. Each has a small drawer. They are 24 inches tall, and table top diameter is 17 3/4  inches.  Paint these up and they'd make a killer set of accent tables!   

Like what you see and want to own them?   Just comment,  "I'm in the Buff" in the comment box, either directly on my website (below this post), or on the facebook comment box. If you are on Instagram or Twitter you might have seen it already!    

The first person to be "In The Buff" has the opportunity to place their custom order!  I will be in touch with who ever that may be!     

Let's have fun!