Flashback Friday: Family cottage, family chair

Welcome to Flashback Friday, where we visit a painted piece from the past!  Today we're looking back at a chair that holds some family history.  And, since it has received a make-over from Novo Decor, it will last even longer!  Woop!  

The chair came with the purchase of a beautiful lake cottage, back in the late 70's. The cottage and all the things inside it hold meaning to its owner, Dierdre, and her family.  

After years of use, the chair was in need of a facelift.   Here is the chair BEFORE: 

This is a great chair with good bones, but the wear and tear over the years had definitely got the best of it!  It was time to get rid of the chipped paint, and add a fresh new coat in a new color. 

The Story

It's always fun to hear the stories behind family pieces, as well as the customer's motivation for having their piece re-done.  

Here is what Deidre had to say about the chair: 

1. What is the history behind the chair? 

"The chair came with the cottage, when we bought it in 1979.  We bought all the contents because there were so many wonderful antique pieces that we loved.  This chair is one of them"

2.  Why did you decide to have your chair painted? 

"The chair needed to be repainted because it was chipped from years of kids and grand kids use over the years.  I also decided to move it to a different location and the green didn't work there, so repainting seemed like the right thing to do."

"One of the themes in the cottage is rosemaling.  All the beds were painted that way along with several other pieces.  So I wasn't afraid to paint furniture as opposed to having it refinished."

What's Rosemaling? 

Rosemaling is the name of a traditional form of folk art.  It is a style of Norwegian decorative painting on wood that uses stylized flower ornamentation, scroll work, lining and geometric elements.  Norwegian immigrants brought the art of rosemaling to the United States.

Hold on to those family pieces! 

A piece that has been in the family for years, is there for a reason.  And, it is meant to stay there!   Pieces like these have the power to evoke so many memories from all stages of our lives. 

A fresh new coat of paint not only keeps these pieces around longer, but, allows us to preserve family memories, while customizing them according to our current color scheme, and style. 

Some day this chair may be re-painted, but for now, it is in great shape and looking good.  No more chips, a new color.....and ready for another 37+ years!     

Do you have a piece of furniture that holds meaning to you, or your family?  Post it to Novo Decor's Facebook page below: 

These pieces are great reminders of where we've come from, and who we've come from! They have the power to stir feelings of nostalgia, special memories of a family members that have gone before us, and even childhood events.   

In any case, I believe these pieces deserve a second chance, so they can live on in our lives, and the lives of our children.....and grandchildren.   

Have a great weekend!


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