Armoire Make-over: A solution

"We thought of painting it ourselves but just don't have the time right now."

That's what Sara said about her armoire.  This is what her armoire looked like BEFORE its make-over:

Sara's furniture scenario: 

Sara wanted to use this armoire in the spare bedroom; a room without a built-in closet. She knew it would be useful for guests and storage, but she wanted a new look for the piece.  

What were Sara's possible options?

1.  Get rid of the armoire, and buy a new one

2. Hire Novo Decor to paint it for her

3.  Hire a carpenter to build a closet

4.  Paint it herself

Sara ruled out options #1, #3, and #4 not only due to her time constraint, but also because she wanted to avoid potential hassles, and add-on costs involved with all the other options.  For Sara, this made option #2 a no-brainer.   Option #2: Call Novo Decor! 

Sara's piece was completed in summer 2016.  You can view that full post here: Shabby Chic & Fantastique Armoire REVEAL.

Nearly a year after its make-over, what is Sara saying?   

"I love my new armoire".  

Sara's decision yielded the result she wanted, and required zero time and hassle on her part.

Seeing the potential in our furniture and giving it a second chance is a wonderful thing. Having the time to paint it?  That's the challenge, and often a barrier to getting started.  

Maybe you can relate?  

Providing a solution for a furniture dilemma like this one is something I love doing.  Here is how Sara's armoire turned out:  

"I'm thinking about hiring you.  How do we get started?" 

After our initial discussion (either by phone or email), we set up a home consultation so I can look at your piece.  We discuss ideas.  I provide an electronic estimate along with a description of your specific order plan.  Once I get your "OK" with the plan, and you wish to move forward, we schedule a time to drop off/pick up your piece. .  

You can drop off your piece at my home, or I provide a pick/up and delivery service for a fee. 


April is FREE consultation month! If you decide to place an order with me THIS MONTH, you'll get $25 OFF.  This offer applies to any order valued at $125 or more. 

Contact me at, or directly from Novo Decor's FACEBOOK page 

Enjoy the beautiful Easter weekend ahead! 


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