Painted Cabinetry: A look back

Happy Friday and happy Flashback Friday! 

It is hard to believe another week has passed and here we are with another Flashback Friday feature!  I hope you enjoy these weekly peeks at painted pieces of the past as much as I do!  It has been two years since Novo Décor got its start, and I look forward to many more memorable years ahead, as well as many more Flashback Fridays!

Today's Feature......


The home-owner desired fresh "new" cabinetry that matched her tiling.  Painting the cabinets was a smart alternative to "gutting" her entire bathroom (especially since she still really liked the tile work)!  


With a plan and some paint, this bathroom transformed beautifully.  

Now, one year later, the cabinets need a few touch-ups in places where the usual wear and tare of bathroom usage left "marks".   The faucet handles had also began to show signs of wear; totally expected given their regular exposure to water.  

Now what? 

The home-owner contacted me and asked if I could "fix" the biggest stain; hair dye ( NOOOO not hair dye!).  Since I was there anyway, a few other areas were "fixed".    We decided I would take the faucet handles with me (leaving the faucet fixtures in place) and give them a few more layers of spray paint and sealant.  

Applying spray paint to the faucet handles may be an annual occurrence, and that's OK as long as the home-owner is OK with it!  All the other hardware has held up great (towel rings, toilet tissue ring, light fixtures), and that's a win. 

Hey customers!

Have you had a piece of your furniture painted by Novo Decor?  Please don't hesitate to contact me if your piece needs touch-ups.  See these examples:  

1.  The paint chipped in some places.   YES. I can fix that! 

2. A corner of your furniture was chewed off by your dog.  Um NO.  I cannot fix that! Sorry!  

I want you to be happy with your piece for many years to come!  If your piece has incurred sdamage, let me know and I'll see what I can do!   

And that's a wrap for this week's Flashback Friday!  Maybe the next featured piece will be yours!??  Until next time....

Have a great weekend!!!

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