Flashback Friday: Shabby chic kitchenette

It's Flashback Friday time everyone!  Today's feature is........a 75 year old kitchenette!  

This challenging little piece received a make-over last summer.  It has been passed down in the same family for 75 years and it is hardly recognizable now. Are you ready?


As you can see I squirmed in my flip flops at the challenge I was about to tackle, BUT, a good challenge keeps me on my toes (literally!) and I almost always end up learning something valuable with each one. 


I found some cute vintage fabric to line the inside (see my post on more ideas for fabric use in your home HERE). The doors on the piece were removed to show off the cute shelves and fabric interior:

The kitchenette is now being used daily to store essential oils.  Over the years it has served many purposes and at one point had dirt in its drawers. (a planter was one of its many uses)  But, Carla, the owner, knew it was a keeper and saw its potential for function in her home once again.

Here it is in Carla's home boasting its fresh new look....


If you missed the introductory post on this piece and would like to see more on its transformation, here is the link:  Kitchenette

Do you have an old piece of furniture that means something to you? Carla sure did and now it serves a purpose, looks adorable in her home, and brings back memories each time she's in that room. 

Happy Friday everyone.   Check in again next Friday for another featured painted piece of the past!!!










Here are the doors I removed (this was after stripping several times):


Can you believe at one point this was how the whole kitchenette looked during its renovation?   The center of these doors had some sort of paper decal on them.  After stripping twice, the result was a tacky and very stubborn surface, so I will be adding fabric to these as well....along with a fresh coat of paint (or two!). Speaking of these doors, any ideas for what I could make with them?? 




What a fun little piece.  The best part is the history behind it, and the fact that it struck an emotional cord with the owner's mother, Arlene! I guess she was very happy to hear this little piece was getting a make-over.  And Carla loved it, stating "It's adorable".  She even sent me a picture of it all stocked up in her home:


It looks awesome doesn't it?  I love Carla's cute accessories for this space.  Carla, this room looks different than the first time I saw it.....have you been doing a little decor shopping and prepping for your "new" piece of furniture!  I love it.  

Do you have an old, I mean REALLY old, piece of furniture that looks like it has seen better days?  Believe it or not, even those kinds of pieces can be transformed!  And the reward when they are finished.....is priceless!   I hope Carla enjoys her kitchenette for many more years to come, and maybe someday, her grandchildren, or even great grandchildren, will use it as well! 


Happy Feet anticipating the potential of this piece......


Happy Feet enjoying the outcome of a touch job done! 

Thank you Carla, for entrusting me to this task!  It was a joy to transform your little kitchenette that holds such strong family histor

Source: www.novodecorco.com