Modern Retro Tables: Bold or neutral?

Flashback Friday time!  Today's featured piece is a set of mid-century modern tables.   It is hard to believe these tables received their make-over two years ago already!  Like they always say, time flies when you're having fun!!!!   

Bold & Neutral

Whether you know you love bold, definitely lean toward neutral, like both, or just can't decide which you like, you CAN do both in a single piece.  Yes really! 

Today's featured tables are just that; bold AND neutral.   The tables were painted white;  about as neutral a color as it gets.   And, for the bold part....bling.  Be bold.  Add bling!   

Here's a look at a table before photo:

And this is after the make-over: 

For some "hidden" boldness, I added a pop of color inside the drawers........

....because who doesn't enjoy a bright and bold drawer interior?    

These tables are a great example of combining neutral AND bold in a single piece of furniture, and they showcase the owner's style well. 

Going bold doesn't have to mean neon colors!  It's all in the details.....and in this case we added some bling in the knobs,  and metallic legs. 

Do you have a piece of furniture in desperate need of a make-over?Post a picture of it to Novo Decor's Facebook Page and I'd love to give a suggestion or two!!!

Have a great weekend!