New house prompts furniture face-lift: Dresser set

Happy Flashback Friday! This post is the second of a two-part series featuring a dresser set that received a face-lift in preparation for its move to a new home. Jenny and Jim already had a decent dresser set, and wanted to use it in the new home, BUT, the dressers were outdated and pretty beat up.  It was time for a furniture face-lift.

Giving your furniture a second look (even the "ugly" stuff) can become a total game changer for the home interior.   That's what Jen and Jim did!  They simply knew they could continue to use their old set, and realized the need for an update.  So, they enlisted me to the task of re-creating both pieces, and now, they have custom painted dressers that look great in their new room.

Here is one of the dressers before its face-lift:


Both dressers needed minor repairs, but nothing a little wood filler couldn't take care of. They were painted gray, and distressed.  The drawers were lined with chevron contact paper for a little fun.    

Drawer liner is so simple, yet it can really add a fun pop on any piece of furniture.  Pair it with a fresh coat of paint and you've got yourself a transformed piece!  

And what would a finished piece be without some type of accessory on top? 

And here is one dresser AFTER its face-lift......big difference wouldn't you say?  

The owners of this set knew they could use the dressers in their new home, but desired a fresh new look.  They realized the potential in them.....and they're glad they did.  No dresser shopping trip was needed (a huge plus considering the countless other shopping trips a new home brings).  And, they have a great dresser set in the color and style of their choice.

Now that is a success story! 

I hope you are still enjoying your dressers guys!

Enjoy your weekend, 


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