Flashback Friday: Give me gallery walls!

Happy Friday and welcome to another Flashback Friday, where a project from the past is featured.  Today we're looking at how Brenda's "bare wall dilemma" was solved with my home decorating service! 

When people hear the word "interior decorator", they might think entire room, or maybe even an entire home "overhaul", where everything is "new". But, at Novo Decor, the process looks quite different, especially for each and every home-owner.....

So, what does the process look like? 

At Novo Decor it is largely about resourceful decorating; incorporating what home-owner's already own, and adding new decor, and accessories.  Sometimes, it's as simple as painting an accent piece to incorporate a new color scheme into a room, designing and decorating a small area in the house, or planning, compiling, and hanging wall accessories to complete a room! 

The Gallery Wall Situation: 

Brenda wanted to hang a gallery of family photos on her living room wall, but had no idea how or where to start.  She had seen my "stuff" on Facebook, and asked if I would create her wall for her.  Heaven knows I've created more than a few gallery walls in my own home, but never before had I done it for someone else!  

I was ready for the job! 

The Process

Brenda and I talked about what she wanted for her wall. Then we talked photo size, so she knew what size photos to get.  I took wall measurements,  and got to work.....

If you know me, you know I really like an old frame!  Some of the most unique, best quality frames are found second-hand!  I found a variety of great frames for this gallery wall....

Once the frames were gathered, I designed a lay-out for the wall......

Pictured above:  Using at the "wrapping paper" trick to plan a gallery wall lay-out

Pictured above:  Using at the "wrapping paper" trick to plan a gallery wall lay-out

I have a great wrapping paper "trick" I use for planning and hanging gallery walls.   I shared that on the blog last summer.  You can see it here:  "My Fool-proof method for hanging gallery walls"  

And here it the finished product: 

And that is how a plain wall, and an idea, came together to re-create a gallery wall packed full of something the home-owner loves; her family!   

Thinking of filling that empty wall?   Here are some more tips and tricks for creating gallery walls in your home...........

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So you have a gallery wall hanging method. Now what? 

Get it Done: Accessorize your empty wall

Have a great weekend!!!!


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