Giant Rustic Letters for your wall: Make one this weekend

Happy Flashback Friday!   This is a cool tutorial I did last summer on making your own giant rustic wall letter.  If you like the rustic, farmhouse style, then you'll LOVE this.   And, you don't have to be a wood working expert to make this happen!  

Please note:  My letter happens to be "L", which only requires two, simple straight boards. No curves! No circles.   Not all letters are this easy to make using wood boards......

Letters that have curves and points, CAN still be made using straight cuts.  You just have to experiment a bit with how you can make it work.  Examples of these types of letters include: B,C,D, G, J, K, P, Q, S, U, V   If you have a saw that can cut curves, that's an even easier solution.

And the easiest letters to make using simple, straight wood cuts include:  L, T, E, F, H, I, X, Y, Z

For this project, you can use any type of wood board.  Pine wood works great for this type of project.  Pine takes stain well, and it is low cost (score!).   I like the simplicity of pine, and the price tag too.   

Below is what plain pine boards look like right off the shelf at Menard's. 

Letter Size

Your letter can be ANY size you want!  Using wider boards will result in a bigger size letter. the My boards were 1x6 inch.   You can go narrower than that (1x4inch), or wider (1x8 inch, 1x10 inch, and so on).    To make an "L", like you see in the picture here, I only needed to cut two pieces of wood.  One longer piece, and one shorter piece (I eye-balled that part).  

Once you have your boards cut, then it's time to stain them.  I used "Dark Walnut" by MinWax: 

There is no need to stain both side of your boards! Just stain the side that will be exposed when hung.      

Hanging your Giant Letter

I took the easy way out and pounded two nails through each board, right into the wall.  You could attach hooks on the back of your letter for easy hanging.  Or, don't hang your letter at all; set it on a buffet, or dresser and lean it against the wall.  

And that is one easy tutorial on how to make a giant rustic letter for any wall in the house.  The "L" in these pictures hangs in our son Luke's room.  He likes it  We like it!  

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