Flashback Friday: little desk, big result

Welcome to Flashback Friday! This is a weekly series that highlights a painted piece of the past! Today's feature is a desk make-over that was completed in summer, 2016.   This desk received a fresh new look using the owner's favorite color: purple!

Here is the desk BEFORE:

It is a well-built piece of furniture, and turned out to be a great example of using a bold color, without going overboard.  The neutral gray tones and the natural wood balance the piece. The fabric pulls the colors together.  It really works.   

And here is the desk AFTER its makeover:

I added a fun surprise in the drawers because what is a drawer without some kind of pretty liner?  The fun thing about drawer liners is they don't have to match the patterns used on the exterior of the piece.  If there is commonality in colors used, options for drawer liners are plentiful....


A childhood piece of furniture passed along in the family, now updated and sporting a mixture of beloved bold color, neutral paint, freshly stained natural wood, and a fun fabric seat cushion.

Customer order:   "You know I love purple".  

Outcome:  Success! Sam was happy with the final result!  The desk adds color and character to the room it sits in, to be enjoyed for many more years to come.

I hope you're still loving your desk, Sam!!!

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