Your flat screen dilemma solved: Try this!

It is the age of flat screens.  And they just keep getting bigger, and bigger.  While they are great for Packer Sundays, they aren't the prettiest things to look at when they are turned off. They stand out like sore thumbs, and can kill the "decorative vibe" of a room.  


I've seen beautifully built sliding doors on Pinterest. This would be a fabulous, permanent option, and would definitely hide the TV.    But, carpentry is not a skill set of mine, and this clearly was not my best option.  Another option: I could hire a carpenter to build one for me, but that gets costly.  So what did I do?   I came up with a simple solution that can be temporary, or permanent........

Surround your flat screen with items of interest; things like wall hangings, pictures, and furniture.   

So how is this a solution? That black rectangle is still visible for all to see isn't it?!  Yes you are right.  It's still visible, BUT,  by hanging & placing items of interest on the wall around the flat screen, you detract attention away from the TV.  You also eliminate the "floating TV phenomenon".    

Problem solved!  At least for now. Maybe there will come a day when something else will prove to be a better (and still cost-effective) solution, but for now, I'm holding on to this one.  

Here are a few ways I've implemented this solution in the past.........

Without the love seat, wall accessories, and the smaller furniture pieces, this TV would appear to be.....a bird, a plane.....Nope.  A floating TV! 

Without the love seat, wall accessories, and the smaller furniture pieces, this TV would appear to be.....a bird, a plane.....Nope.  A floating TV! 

The love seat, pictures, and tables fill in the gaps so the TV doesn't demand attention when you enter the room.  The love seat, and the pictures also help eliminate the "floating TV" look.  No one wants a floating TV on the wall.  Don't be afraid to fill in those gaps! 


The other great part about this solution is that it can be temporary! If you don't like your arrangement, change it!   Try new arrangements until you like what you see. 

Below is another example.......placing furniture below the TV, can help eliminate the floating TV phenomenon.  Plus, you can store all your DVD's and kids' games in a buffet like this.  It's a win-win! 


If your flat screen is hanging on the wall like ours, what else can you bring into the space below the TV to eliminate the floating effect? Consider these ideas:

  • Console table, or long dresser.  Place two lamps, one on each side of the table.  The height of the lamps helps frame in the TV
  • A chair, or a chair set placed side by side. Add a small table in between them.  No you cannot watch TV from these chairs, but, every room needs a few additional seating options, AND, when you have guests, it' nice to position your seating in a circular fashion, versus all lined up facing the TV!
  • Sofa or love-seat (like you saw above)
  • Bookshelves
  • smaller hutch
  • Wall decor/pictures! 

What if your flat screen isn't hanging on the wall, but sitting on a console table?   The same suggestions above, apply! Fill in the gaps around your TV.  


1.  You have a giant TV on your wall, or in your "pretty" living area and it bugs you (when it's not being watched!).  You want a pretty, serene room, and that TV just gets in the way. 

2. You are short on time, and carpentry skills so you cannot "build" a sliding door, or any other permanent solution.  What do you do? 

3.  Add items to the areas surrounding your flat screen!  It can be furniture, wall decor, or other smaller furniture pieces.  This is an easy solution that really will make a difference on that wall where your GIANT TV lives.    Good luck and have fun!  




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