Four Walls Four Ways: Gallery Style

Do you have a huge wall that is impossible to fill up?  Sometimes a large statement piece is all that is needed, but it is fun to change it up by creating gallery walls using the things you love. Gallery walls are timeless and can be done in so many different ways.  It is fun to experiment with your decor by creating a gallery wall that not only says something about you, but that you love to look at everyday.  And, they work great for large wall spaces that need to be filled!  In today's post, I am showing you 4 different gallery walls.  Each one creates visual interest, and displays its own unique look. 

1.  Living Room-Fireplace/Mantle 

If you look past the poor quality of this photo, you see this gallery wall!  The white frames were consistent in this arrangement.   To create this gallery wall, I painted old frames I already had, gathered photos of our family, and re-created a totally new look for this wall.   I also added several small mirrors to the mix....because I ran out of frames!  To see my trick for hanging a gallery wall like this click on this link:   

2.  Office: 

In the example above, random pieces were gathered and arranged together.  The result is a colorful and dynamic display that is pleasing to the eye!  This arrangement was a great way to add life to this large, empty wall.  Do you have pictures or framed "memorabilia" stored in your basement?  I have had success hanging old picture I was sick of, only to gain a new appreciation for them once again, when they were displayed in a gallery setting.  Get out those old pictures and try a gallery wall!  Another great thing about these walls is you can add, remove, replace, and repeat!   You'll see the same wall below, with a few tweaks here and there....  

3.  Fabric Wall:

Gallery walls don't have to include pictures or frames.   In the above example, fabric was used over various sized canvases.  This was an effective way to add color to the room, and to be resourceful by using older canvases that became outdated.  These canvases were made using fabric, and a staple gun.  That's it!  

4.  Kids' Art Wall: 

Children's art is beautiful.  And it can be used to accessorize your walls!  In the example above I used white frames (I really like white frames!), some with matting, others without.  Then, I chose a collection of my kids' art pieces, cut them to size, and place them into frames.  I love seeing this collection when I'm working at my desk.  

Gallery walls are about displaying the things you love in a dynamic and visually pleasing way. Adding color and life to your walls is a great way to enhance the aesthetic of your rooms, and your homes.   Displaying collections is also an effective way to fill dead wall space.  Do you have collections that you might consider displaying?   How will you dress up your walls this spring? 

If you need tips on how to get started, or if hanging a gallery wall seems like a daunting task to you,  see the link below for step-by-step instructions!   

My Simple Method for hanging a Gallery Wall


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