Decorating challenged? Try this!

Did you know that my home consultations are FREE, always?   Let's find out what they're all about.....

What does a home consultation consist of? 

These are 30 minute, no-pressure, in-person sessions that will give you tips on what to do with that room, or decorating dilemma in need of a solution.   When you have a space you love, it has the power to invoke a whole new love for your home.

How do you know if a home coaching session/consultation is right for you?

If you own a home, you are a candidate!   The best part is, IT'S FREE.  

Here are some common scenarios I hear.....all the time.....

quote one.png
quoate three.png

Sound familiar?  Whether you need tons of help, ideas for finishing touches, or an answer to that one annoying decorating challenge, a home consultation is a simple solution.  

And, because each home-owner and home is unique, Novo Decor's customized solutions ensure that you'll get actionable ideas, and real solutions tailored to your home!  The home consultation is designed to do just that. 

I hope you schedule yours! 



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