Frequently Asked Questions about my services

Hi there!  At Novo Decor launch time in spring 2015, I was asked many questions about my services.  A couple months after that I decided to devote my very first newsletter to answering those questions.  Now, with spring around the corner and the ever-so-common itch to "refresh" our home interiors,  some of those same questions have come up again.   I thought I'd re-post that information on the blog for you today.  If you have a question not included here, please do not hesitate to ask!  I can be reached by email at, facebook (Novo Decor page), and phone (920) 627-1001.  I'd LOVE to answer your questions, big or small. 

Q:  What types of furniture do you paint? 
A:  Any and every type. I have painted anything from rustic, distressed, to bold, high-gloss pieces.  I also paint cabinetry.  If it's wood, I'll paint it. Some non-wood surfaces can also be painted.  I also paint built-in units like shelving and hutches. 

Q:  What services/products do you provide?  
A:  I offer home decorating services, and custom painted furniture.....with a twist (which is the part that gets me super excited).  I refurbish what my customers already own.  So if you have a piece you like, but don't love, I give it a whole new look for you and your space!  I can also determine if (and how) your existing pieces will contribute to the new space! If a customer has a room they need help decorating or styling, I can help. Together we re-create a space using old, new, and refurbished furniture and decor.   I will also search high and low for pieces suited to the "new" room, and refurbish them as needed.   Once the furniture and accessories are ready, I provide full-room design and styling and will install everything for you.  

I've also recently added pieces to my on-line shop which you can find at    Other examples of projects I've done range from modernizing a bed frame, to building a farmhouse table, and making wall art.  I've also made home decor, and small accent pieces for the Elkhart Lake Farmer's Market...planning to make it to at least one summer market in 2016! 

Q:  Do you provide interior decorating services?  
A:  Absolutely yes!  (see the above)  Not only do I love painting furniture and making great new decor for the home, but I also love putting it all together! My room design packages can be as simple as refurbishing a couple pieces of furniture, to full-room re-design which includes accessories, furniture, and styling, and installation. 

Q:  Do you offer workshops? 
A:  Yes.   I offer 3 different workshops including Painting Basics (learning painting techniques),  Decorating Diva (learning your own decorating style and how to achieve various looks by putting learned "tricks" to use, and Decor Update (learning how to update your own home decor).   My workshops are offered periodically throughout the year.  I hope to launch a late summer/early fall workshop....

Q:  Do you re-upholster furniture?  
A:  Yes.  I re-upholster dining chairs, kitchen chairs, and accent chairs that have removable seats, footstools, some types of ottomans, and benches.   I do not currently re-upholster wing-back chairs, recliners, gliders, couches or furniture that is predominantly fabric.  That doesn't mean I never will, however! I do have a great recommendation for re-upholstery services though!  Please inquire at 

Q:  Do you provide consultation services?  
A:  Yes! Home visits are crucial to the decorating (and even painted furniture) process!  Providing a home consultation allows me to view customers' furniture, style, and overall aesthetic of the home.   This allows me to develop a styling plan and determine the most accurate price estimate.  

Q:  I have a room in my house that has always been difficult to arrange and style.  Is that something you could do?  
A:  Definitely.  Typically a customer will reach out by email or phone asking for advice, or telling me about their decorating situation, or dilemma.  If they are interested in receiving my services, we set up a home consultation. Reaching me is easy: My contact information is on my website (, as well as on the Novo Decor Co. facebook page.  

Q: What does your home consultation entail?  What time frame is required for a home consultation?  Is there a fee? 

A:  The home consultation takes approximately one hour.  It is informal and I do not currently have a home consultation fee.  We discuss your goals for the room, your tastes, preferences, and lifestyle.   I create a "wish list" during our conversation and draft up a  plan. In that plan I consider pieces/decor you already have that could potentially be used for the "new" space, items I have in my inventory, and what I need to find for you.   Within a week of the consultation, I will provide a quote for the total package.  

Q:  How do you determine your prices?  
A:  My workshops range from $35/person, to $75/person.  I have a price list that contains minimum pricing for all categories of furniture.   If you are interested in receiving a price list for custom orders via email, click HERE.  Pricing is determined by the size of the piece, time invested in the piece, and desired style/color for the piece.  Pricing for my room packages is dependent upon the size of the room(s), the customers' wishes/needs for the space, and time invested into planning, locating pieces/accessories, and refurbishing furniture and decor.  My room design packages start at $375. There is a room installation fee of $35 per hour, which is not included in your final quote.  Duration for installation can be as little as 2 hours, to 4+ hours. 

Q:  What payment do you accept?
A:  At this time I accept cash, check, credit card, and pay-pal

Q:  Do you have a store or shop?  
A:  My store is my home!  My "workshop" is in our front room. It is the first thing a visitor sees upon entering the front door!   I do have an on-line shop that you can view at

And that's it (for now!).  Again, if you have questions don't be shy!  Please reach out and ask away!  Until tomorrow.....

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