Friday Finds: Chic decor for under $15

I think I'm bringing back Friday Finds, a weekly guide to finding awesome decor that won't require a second mortgage to finance!  We see "replicas" of high-end home decor and the latest decor trends practically everywhere.  Stores like Target and TJ Max carry a variety of great home decor that won't break the bank.  But did you know these same pieces can be snatched up for even less, in our local thrift shops?  

It's exciting to uncover great finds for the home, but knowing what you're looking for can be helpful.  Here are three items you could probably find this weekend, in thrift shops, each for under $15.......  

#1  Bar Carts


The bar cart above was snatched up for $5 (Goodwill).   The bar cart below can be purchased new (Target) for $123 (on sale). Needless to say, I went with the $5 option! 

store cart.jpg

Bar carts are NOT just for booze, though the name implies that!  Use them as bedside tables, plant stands, or even living room side tables!  

Tina bar cart.png

Accessorize them for the holidays, or keep them out year round. Either way, bar carts are a fantastic accent for any room of the house! 

holiday bar cart.jpg

#2  Accent Chairs

I've been know to buy a chair simply because of its looks.  Never mind its functional purpose in our home, or even its comfort, but if it has the potential to serve as a great accent piece, well's going in the cart.  

Though my chair obsession has settled down significantly, I will always hold a special place in my heart for them!  Let's take a look at two chairs: 

The chair on the left will set you back $699.  The chair on the right?  Empty your kids' piggy banks and you've got yourself a chair for $8.  (Goodwill)

Yes there are certainly benefits to knowing what thrift shops to go to, what to look for, and of course, how to accessorize your "new" finds. (that's where I come in!).  

#3 Lamps

We need lamps to see (hahaha, yep), but they also play an important role in setting the mood and feel of a room.  I'm a huge lighting person.  Certain lamps are turned on at certain times of the's what I do.    Because  I have a great love for lamps, that doesn't mean I spend a lot on them! Good gracious no.   Let's take a look:

New lamp. West Elm. $199

New lamp. West Elm. $199

Old lamp.  $5.    The lamp shade was painted white, as the old version was yellowing. And no one wants a yellowing lampshade! 

Old lamp.  $5.    The lamp shade was painted white, as the old version was yellowing. And no one wants a yellowing lampshade! 

 Here's a full size room shot to show you just how great an old pair of lamps can be.....


With a little gold spray paint and new lampshades, this lamp pair was instantly modernized. They work fine. They look great!  They cost $10 (for the pair).  Triple success. 

Gems in the rough

Three simple pieces for the home, found at thrift shops.  You wouldn't know by the looks of them, that they were once old and unwanted, would you?   This is the beauty of second hand shopping and one of the best kept secrets for resourceful, and artistically unique home decorating.  We are always evolving, and so are our homes.  Keep up with those changes easily and cost-effectively.....with second hand shopping. 

Are you new to thrifting?  What are you waiting for!???   Try it this weekend!  Or, share your awesome find on Novo's Facebook page!!!

Have a great weekend!


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