Giant old picture turned chic & modern (heck yes!)

Greetings and happy Friday! I'm getting off to a little bit of a later start on this Friday, but I didn't forget about "Friday Finds"!  "Friday Finds" features a "thrifted" find each week.  But not just any thrifted find; a thrifted find that ROCKS.  When you thrift as often as I do, you get really good at spotting the "gems"!  And this week's featured find is certainly a gem. 

Friday Find:  Giant Old Picture

Yes that's right friends!  Snatch up those old framed canvas pictures and work some artful magic to them.  These old picture are also lightweight, so no big deal hanging them.  Here she is: 


Now, this picture is a print.   It's NOT a hand painted picture.  Knowing this, I do not feel so bad about the fact that I'm going to change it completely.  What that change will be, remains unknown to me, but, the potential exists for a really awesome piece of wall art.   Sometimes I have to look at something for a while before getting inspired with ideas. 

What to do? 

Maybe I'll make a sign?  Maybe I'll paint an abstract design on it?  Maybe I'll attach cork board to it and turn it into a super cute cork board (which, by the way, we desperately need in our house. Drowning in papers here.  How about you?) 

Let's look at some examples of old pictures, turned into chic modern art:  


before picture.jpg


after picture.jpg

These old large canvases are perfect for re-creating something fresh and new.   Incorporate seaonal colors into an old piece like this and you've got yourself a new centerpiece for the mantle! 

You could even find a collection of smaller framed canvases and create a fun gallery wall.  Here is another example....

bed straight on.jpg

I chose to leave the old frame as it was, because I liked that natural wood element in the room.  Like I always say, some wood is just not meant to be painted!  This frame was one such example. I painted the canvas white using a paint roller. When that dried, I applied painter's tape in the pattern I wanted.  Lastly, I painted over the whole thing in navy, and then peeled off the tape.  DONE! 


If you have a large empty wall, pictures like these can fill the gap quickly, easily, and at very low-cost!   I've spent anywhere from $1.99 to $4.99!   No idea what you'd paint on these giant canvases?   Tip:  Go to you favorite home store website/store and look at their giant art for inspiration.  It doesn't have to be a complex design! In fact, the simpler the better. 

If it doesn't turn out, it can be painted over again, and again, and again!  If you're really in a bind, I might have to step in and give you a hand with that.  

Happy Thrifting everyone and happy Friday!!!!  Woop!!! Gotta love Friday family fun nights.