Friday Finds: Trays

Novo Decor is bringing back Friday Finds folks! Every Friday I will feature a "diamond in the rought", or, a home decor item that can be found at second-hand shops. These gems have so much potential, and are waiting patiently to be snatched YOU! 

Today's find:    TRAYS

This isn't the first time I've mentioned trays!  I may be a little obsessed with them, BUT, I believe I have pretty good reason to be.  Here's why.....

1.  Trays serve so many uses

2. They can be easily updated and customized to match your home

3.  They are dynamite gift ideas for friends & family

4. They just look cute

Let's look at some brand new ones shall we? 

tray 1.jpg
tray two.jpg
tray three.jpg

Now, let's take a look at some "thrifted" trays......


"Wait. What? These trays aren't new?"  "No!  And they look great yes?  The best part is that they were $4.99 a piece".  


The trays in the photos below were all updated with paint and fabric.   I WISH I had photos of what they looked like before!  I said good-bye to stenciled kittens, and hearts, and hello to funky patterns and colors.....

chevron tray.jpg
holiday green tray.jpg

For the tray below, I added gold handles which make it even cuter.  I used carpenter grade "liquid nails", and those handles aren't going anywhere.  I found the handles at the ReStore for $1.   Look at that combination of gold and plaid!  It's ready for the holiday season.....

plaid tray.jpg

I found a great tray. Now what? 

Not all trays are created equal.  Some trays can be left as is, right off the thrifting rack (like the first wooden tray you saw above).  The only care they need is a good washing.  Just use warm soapy water, or a Clorox wipe.  

Other trays need more work.   Start by washing them.   I typically paint them, and then line the bottom with fabric.  You could also use contact paper or decorative scrapbook paper for your bottom tray surface, but, fabric seems to work better, and is a bit easier to work with.   You'll see more on that next week.....

Calling all DIY'ers!

If you are a DIY'er (do-it-yourself'er) I have a simple tutorial coming up on the blog next week! Stay tuned.  

Not a DIY'er?  No problem

I make these trays from time to time, and actually have used a number of them as gifts for family and friends. They've also been great for "prizes" in my promotional offerings.  So, keep your eyes open for these promotions, and enter to win one for yourself!   Look on Novo Decor's Facebook page for these prize-winning opportunities! 

I am also happy to make one for you!  Just ASK!  

And that's a wrap for this first week of Friday FInds!  Trays:  Simple and timeless. Multi-functional, easy to update and customize to your color scheme and style, and great little accessories for the home.  

Be sure to check in next week for my tutorial on how to make one of these delightful little home accessories for yourself! 

Enjoy your weekend!


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