Friday Finds: Hot chic decor under $5

It's time for your Friday quick guide on hot chic decor waiting to be discovered in your local thrift shops.  Today's featured item is a unique "vase" I found several weeks ago.  It's beaded. Yes, beaded. I am not a bead type of gal, but this vase covered in beads caught my eye.   Here it is....

Something about this vase drew me to it and for $3 I couldn't pass it up.  Pieces like this are great because they work any time of year, and are great for the holidays.  Fill it with silver ornaments at Christmas time, use it for rolls at your Thanksgiving dinner table, or fill it with pears.  The possibilities for this $3 find are endless.  

Unique home decor is not difficult to find in thrift shops.  It is everywhere.  Look for items with height, uniquely shaped pieces, colors that stand out, and textures that can add depth to your room.  Wicker, beads, fabrics, and glass are examples of textures that can be added in so many different ways. 

So now, it's time to comparison shop; it's what we do here at Friday Finds!  Below on the left is an example of a decor item that shares similar characteristics as today's featured item. Both pieces serve as bowls, contain something unique on them, and are multi-purpose. The bowl on the left is covered in glass "jewels" and called the Peacock Jeweled Bowl.  The bowl on the right is today's featured item.  It is made of beads and called "this week's chic find".  What do you think?  Was this week's Friday Find a success?

And that wraps up another week of Friday Finds!  Are you a thrift shopper?  Is there something specific you've been searching for, or, have you found a gem?  Share your finds!  Click below and post a photo of your favorite find!   

It's Friday!  Now how about some nice weather?  

 Enjoy your weekend!  

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