Friday Finds: hot chic home decor under $5

Hi!  If you've followed Friday Find follower, then you know what today's post is all about. If you are new to Friday Finds, it is a weekly series where I feature a thrifted home decor item.  The purpose is to demonstrate just how many great "finds" are out there (in second-hand shops!), and to give you ideas of what to look for. 

Thrifting is about finding something that isn't brand new, seeing it's unique characteristics and qualities, and using it to enhance a space.  Plain and simple. 

Today's Friday Find is......


In my experience, I have found there are two fabric shopping experiences in fabric/craft store: 

1.  The uncommon fabric shopping experience

You are browsing the clearance rack, and find the perfect fabric, in a pattern/color you love, in just the right amount of material for your particular project.  All of this on the clerance rack?  Congrats!  You've had a stellar fabric shopping experience, and that's awesome.   

2.  The common fabric shopping experience

Nothing jumped out at you on the clearance rack, except maybe a 2'x'4 piece of fabric, but that's not enough for your Pinterest experiment!  It is quite possible experience number #1 will happen, but if it doesn't and your desperate for fabric, you then find yourself taking out a second mortgage to purchase enough fabric (from the non clearance section) to complete your project.  Pricing range for new fabric is anywhere from several dollars per yard, to $20+ per yard.  It's not cheap! 

But whether you sew or not, today's Friday FInd may result in an even better fabric shopping scenario.  If you are not concerned about becoming a fabric hoarder, read on....

3.  Thrift store fabric shopping experience! 

Go to the sewing or fabric sections of any thrift shop, and you'd be surprised what you find. Thrifted fabrics are particularly great for the non-sewer, because maybe you're experimenting with fabric use, or trying a Pinterest project you thought was awesome (like covering your lamp shade or something). If this is the case, you really don't want to pay top dollar at an actual fabric store!  Price range for thrifted fabric: $0.99-$9.99 (for the bundle; sizing varies, but bottom line is you could pay only $5.99 for three, four, or even five yards of fabric. 

Here is another great reason to shop thrifted fabric:  you could get lucky and find 5 yards of gorgeous, un-used fabric (still with original price tag on).  When this happens, don't second guess it.  I almost always snatch these deals up, even if I have no fabric-related project in my near future!  Below is a 3 yard "bundle" found for under $6: 

Super cute pattern for a stool, bench or pillows in a little girl's room (or mine, as I love pink)

Super cute pattern for a stool, bench or pillows in a little girl's room (or mine, as I love pink)

You might be thinking.....

"Why Fabric?  I don't even sew?!"

There are numerous uses for fabric for the non-sewer!  If you fall into the "non-sewer" category, these ideas might just be what you need to make your linen closet pretty this summer (or something!)  See this list of 5 chic (and smart) uses of fabric for the non-sewer.....

1.  Drawer liner/linen shelf liner (because it's just fun to have pretty drawer interiors)

2.  Line the back of a bookshelf, hutch, or built-in

3.  Cover empty food cans/coffee cans for your kids' art supplies (or your art supplies!)

4.  Cover shoe boxes or larger boxed for "pretty" storage in your home. This is great for cubbies, if you have them!

5.  Re-upholster a chair.....or four!  See my tutorial at this link: Re-upholstering your Dining or Kitchen Chairs

So, next time you spot a cute idea on Pinterest and it involves fabric, don't second guess it! Head to your nearest thrift store or two, and start that search!  I guarantee you will find something that works! 

Have you used fabric in non-traditional ways?  What was the outcome??

Have a wonderful weekend! 


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