Friday Finds: hot, chic home decor under $5

It's Friday and we're back to Friday Finds.  If you're tuning in to Friday Finds for the first time, this is a weekly series on the blog that features a thrifted (second-hand) home decor item that you'd never guess was "thrifted". The rationale for this series is to prove we don't have to spend top dollar to make our homes look great. It's the simple things! And today, that simple thing is........(drum roll).............

Picture Frames

With the experience I've gained from my thrifting addiction, comes knowing what decor to snatch up immediately.  Frames are one of those items difficult to pass up.  

Why frames?

The options of what and how to display things in frames are numerous.  From a postcard you like, to a cloth napkin, to an antique doily from your grandma, frames are a great way to display what you love!  I particularly love them for displaying my kids' artwork from school and for creating gallery walls.  See some of my other posts on gallery walls for more ideas:  Four Great Gallery Walls and One Gallery Wall Four Ways     

Below are examples of thrifted frames that at one time weren't so cute.....

All four of these frames above have been painted white.  Now they are fresh and bright, allowing the photos and pictures inside them to stand out.   It can be fun to mix and match your frames too.  Not all frames have to be the same color or even the same style.  In fact, the more eclectic the mix, the better.

Before we wrap up this week's Friday Finds, let's not forget the comparison shopping part...

The frame below on the left is from Target, for  $10.79. The frame on the right: $0.99, which was identical to the one on the left, before I painted it!  Go ahead and look at thrift store frames sometime. You will quickly see how unattractive they can be, but if you look past the outer shell and think about today's tip, you might find yourself with a "new" frame or two. After a little frame re-fresh you'll be glad you snatched up that framed picture of a floral arrangement sitting on a mauve tablecloth (with a kitten lying next to it). 

And another favorite.....

This white frame is a great example of frame "refresh".  Before, it was a rickety old frame with rust on it.  (wish I had a picture to show you!).  It was cleaned, sanded, and painted white for a fun, shabby chic look. 

In the photo above, you can see the variety of frames, colors, and meaning in the collection.  Family photos, sayings, kids' art, monogrammed wall art, an owl canvas, and a mirror all work to pull this wall together (and disguise the floating TV...which actually, was the primary objective for this gallery wall configuration!)

And that's a wrap for this week's Friday Finds!  Frames.  They are wonderful for so many reasons (I say that a lot don't I?). But it's true!  On the next rainy day when you're looking for something to do to the house, why not create a crazy fun array of frames to display what you love!  And for an even easier gallery wall, how about removing the glass and backing of the frames and making a gallery wall of frames? 

Have you created one of these walls?

I'd love to see it!

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Happy Friday! 

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