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Greetings and welcome to Friday Finds!  If you are tuning in for the first time, Friday Finds is your weekly guide to finding the most current, hot decor while spending very little money, AND, giving back to your community.  How will you give back to your community? You'll snatch up these hot decor items at your local thrift shops!  Thrifting is a wonderful thing, and it's even better when you can score the latest trends that mimic the "real deals".  The real deals are fabulous too, but can potentially set you back 5 times what you're going to spend!  So get ready to have some fun and tune in every Friday for "Friday Finds"!!!! 

Today's find is a glass vase discovered on a miscellaneous rack.  Miscellaneous racks can be gold mines.  This vase was hidden (the best finds almost always are!), and caught my eye for several reasons:  1.  Its color: Spring is a great time to try new colors   2.  Its larger size, which makes it a great piece for the mantle  and 3.  Its shape.    

First let's start by doing some comparison shopping.  The vase on the left is the thrifted vase. Cost: $3.99.  The vase on the right is from Pier 1 Imports.  Cost:  $59.95

Both vases share common characteristics, making it almost impossible to discern "thrifted" from brand new. I'm certainly no glass expert, and would be interested to know the difference in quality (or maybe there is no difference!).  Either way, I'm loving the "new" vase.  It sits on our mantle and serves its purpose well.   Here are some other ways to display vases: 1.  In groups of odd numbers (like 3 or 5 vases), 2.  Holding fresh flowers  3.  Displayed solo (if a vase is on the larger side,  it can make a big impact if displayed all on its own, like in the picture above.  

Uniquely shaped decor of varying heights is great for mantles.  In the photo below, the mantle display is simple, yet it makes an impact through use of color, and decor of varying sizes and shapes.  Vases are EVERYWHERE, in every single thrift shop I've ever visited.   Embark on your vase search and you will be pleasantly surprised at the great pieces waiting for you! 

Do you have any glass vases or other unique decor on your mantle this spring?   

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