New coffee table: 5 Easy Steps

Hello!  This is a post I shared over a year ago....and today I'm re-posting it for you in case you get the itch this weekend to work on a home project!  And this project is an easy one!  If you have a coffee table you're tired of, then this tutorial is for you!  

We had a coffee table that needed some spunk.  It used to be brown.  And though some wood pieces aren't meant to be altered, this table was not one of those pieces!  I didn't want to paint it just yet, so I started thinking about other options......


You don't always need paint to re-create a piece of furniture.  So I gave contact paper and tape a try.  


1.  A table  (ensure the surface is smooth; you may have to sand the surface so your contact paper sticks well and smoothly)

2.  Rag: Wipe all the sanded stuff off

2.  Contact paper (with adhesive backing)

3.  Tape measure & scissors

3.  Duck Tape (I used Shur-Tech X Factor Duck Tape, by Blick Art Materials) in gold


I'd love to be able to share step by step photos for this project with you, but, this it all happened so fast that I forgot to take pictures!     

1.  Measure your table top dimensions (length/width of table top)

2. Measure your contact paper using the same measurements as your table top.  Cut it to size.

Since my table was wider, I needed two pieces of contact paper for complete coverage.  the two pieces formed a seam down the center of the table.  Initially I didn't love the idea of a seam, and then it hit me:  How about duck tape? 

3.  Once your contact paper is cut to size, you're ready to begin peeling off the backing.  

TIP:  Try peeling off smaller portions of contact paper at a time.  That way, you don't have to work with one huge piece of sticky paper.  Contact paper sticking to itself is almost worse than finger nails down a chalkboard!  It's terrible! 

As each section of paper is peeled and smoothed to the surface, continue peeling more paper off.  Expect your paper to crease during this process(hate when that happens!)  When that happens, peel it off  (slowly, carefully) and start over.    

IMPORTANT TIP:  Even though you might measure your paper perfectly, you might not get perfect edges. That's what happened to me. One side didn't quite reach the table edge.  That is where the duck tape comes in. 

4.  Continue to smooth out the contact paper on your table surface until you are satisfied with its placement and all creases are gone. 

5.  Now it's time to get out your duck tape.  Originally I had not thought about using duck tape on this table, but, I needed a solution for the seam and the uneven edges.  Duck tape worked great and provided a straight edge around the table, and over the seam. 

To apply the tape

Apply one single strip of tape to each edge.  I found it easiest to keep the tape on the roll. Once the end of the tape is stuck to your table corner, keep pulling the tape from the roll as your other hand guides it along the table edge.

5.  Smooth over the tape to get rid of creases.      

And that's it!   A new table in just 5 steps.  

Do you have a table screaming for a spring face-lift?  Find some contact paper and tape in a color you love and go for it.  Have some fun with patterns or colors in the paper and tape you choose!    

Happy duck-taping and happy FRIDAY!!!!! 

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