Painted furniture FAQ's

Good morning!  Do I see sun as I type this?  I'll take it! 

Today's post is short and sweet compilation of questions people often ask about my services. Hopefully the answers will shed light on how my furniture painting process works.  

1.  Do you paint furniture I already have?  

Yes!  In fact these are the pieces I am most passionate about.  I get a lot more joy out of seeing my customers reactions and feelings about their newly painted piece, then I do painting random pieces of furniture and selling them.    The bulk of my business revolves around custom orders for furniture people already own.   My favorite pieces to work on are those passed down in families, or those that hold meaning to the owner. 

2.  Do you have unfinished pieces that I can look at for purchase and/or custom order? 

I acquire a few pieces here and there, but the majority of my custom work is on furniture that people already own.  

3.  We need additional storage in our kitchen/dining area, but I don't want to install more cabinetry.  Could I hire you to find a piece of furniture for us, and then paint that piece to match our color scheme?

Absolutely.  Some people know what type of piece they're looking for.  Others are more general in their request.  In either case, when I find a piece I'll send pictures of it to the customer.  If the customer gives me the green light, I'll purchase the piece and then we talk about the customer's style and color preferences. 

4.  How long does it take you to complete a custom order? 

I require anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks depending on the project.  A table and chair set could take four weeks, whereas a small accent table might take one week. 

5.  Do you require a deposit for your service?  

No. Payment is due when the piece is finished.

6.  Do I drop off my piece to you? 

You certainly can.  I do provide a pick up/delivery service for a fee of $50.  Most people prefer to drop off and pick up their pieces. 

7.  I'm not sure if the furniture I own is a good candidate for a make-over.  Can you look at what I have? 

Yes!  I provide home consultation services to view your furniture.  Within several days of the consultation, you'll receive an estimate for your piece.  I do not start work on a piece until you are 100% ready and satisfied with the plan. 

8.  Do you re-upholster furniture?  

Some types of furniture, yes.  Dining chairs, kitchen chairs, benches, or stools are the types of pieces I do re-upholster.  (pieces with tops that are removable)  I do not reupholster couches or larger pieces of furniture.  There is a local re-upholsterer who does very good work.  I refer anyone to him if they inquire.  

9. Do you have a store front? 

Not yet!  I work out of our home, but I am looking to expand to another shop space as our little ranch is not getting any bigger! 

10.  Do you paint cabinetry or built-ins? 

Yes.  The same process for furniture takes place with cabinetry inquires. I look at your cabinetry and generate an estimate within a week or less.   I take the doors, and drawers with me to work on in my home.  The rest I complete in your home.  Hardware can be spray painted, and/or replaced with something you've found.  Or, I provide new hardware as our plan necessitates. 

11.  Do you ever have special offers or discounts?  

Any promotions I have going on will be on Facebook (, and the blog (

If you are on Instagram, my promotions are also shown there. Follow me on Instagram! novodecor2015

On that note......THIS MONTH I am offering FREE home consultation AND $25 OFF any order placed THIS MONTH ONLY. This applies to orders valued at $125 or more.  

As always, I love hearing from you.  Shoot me a comment or question anytime!

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