Furniture make-over: 3 signs your furniture is worth it

How do you know if your furniture is worth a make-over?  What "signs" can you look for that predict a successful outcome, and result you love? 

Today I'm sharing three signs that will help you determine if your furniture is worth the time and investment of a make-over.    When furniture shows these signs, not only is the make-over outcome 100% successful, but the furniture owner is very happy! 

3 Predictors of a successful furniture make-over

1.  Recognize the potential

Most people have the ability to recognize that their piece of outdated furniture has potential. One thing that often gets in the way of seeing furniture "blossom" into something we love, is the temptation to get rid of it.   Next time you feel like tossing that old dresser to the curb, think twice.   Take a look at what happened to this dresser, when given a second look.....

duck egg blue geometric dresser BEFORE AFTER.png

2. Emotional connection & Value

It really is a great honor to be able to use pieces that were passed down in the family. Not only do these pieces hold sentimental value, they are typically well-made (see #4!). Displaying and using these pieces is a meaningful way to remember our loved ones who at one time, owned these same pieces!   A make-over enhances the beauty of these one-of-a-kind pieces, while at the same time, allows us to showcase our style and personality in new ways. 

chevron cedar chest.jpg

See the heartwarming story here: Distressed Chevron Cedar Chest

3. Functionality

Consider all possible uses of your old furniture.  Functionality is key when it comes to making decisions about painting a piece of furniture.   The more uses a piece potentially has, the more likely it will long live out its "new" and improved look (not to mention the many locations in the house to place it).  Consider a make-over, and you're one step closer to uncovering those pieces in hiding!

Giving pieces like this a second chance can be an eye-opening game-changer for the home.  See an example here: 


This hutch became a great place to store games and other "things" you don't want sitting out. The open shelving allowed for display of favorite accessories, too.  It's a win-win. 

And there you have it.  Three tell-tale signs that a piece of furniture has the potential to become a stand-out accent for the home!!   

What is your furniture telling you in 2018???