My Simple Method for Hanging a Gallery Wall

I went through a phase where I couldn't get enough gallery walls. I was addicted to them, putting them up everywhere in my house.  They are great for many reasons, and can be relatively easy to make.   I like using different frame styles and colors.   It's OK to mix and match colors, textures, sizes, and even themes.   In fact, the more "eclectic", the better!  

Gallery walls can be done without buying a "kit", or even measuring!  If you have a pretty decent eye and can "eye ball" when hanging things, then by all means, you can use the "eye ball" method.  But I think even eye ball methods require a little "planning" of sorts.   Here's what I did for all my gallery walls after I realized how well (and how easy!) the strategy worked:

1.  Grab some old wrapping paper you won't use.  Wrinkled and bent is OK.   

2.  Cut the paper the same size as the wall area where you want your gallery.   

3.  Get the items you want to hang and start placing them on the paper in different locations.  Do this until you get the arrangement you like.  

4.  Take a picture of your arrangement ( You will need this later!). 

4.  Put pen marks on the paper where the picture hangers are for each picture/piece.  These marks are where your nail will go when you are ready to start hammering.  

5.  Place the paper against the wall and tape all four corners to secure it in place.  

6.  Grab your hammer and start hammering your nails into the pencil marks.

7.  Remove the paper from the wall and starting hanging your pictures.  This is where your  photo comes want to remember what your arrangement was.  Huge time saver! 

Remember, gallery walls are temporary!  If you don't like what you see, then do some re-arranging.  I've even swapped out items over time when I get bored with a wall.  You may have to adjust your nail holes if you do replace items.  If you are hesitant to pound holes into your walls, a gallery wall may seem scary to you.  I strongly urge you to give it a try.  You might realize just how fun it can be!   And, holes can be easily filled up and painted over.  I do it often!

I have not seen my "wrapping paper gallery wall hanging method" anywhere on pinterest, so I like to believe this is my very own idea, however, just because I haven't seen it, doesn't mean it's not out there somewhere.  If that is the case, then someone else had the same great idea and took it a step further by pinning it.  LOL.   Either way, I hope you find it useful in your gallery wall hanging endeavors!  

Here are some gallery walls I've done using the wrapping paper method:

Gallery walls can be very simple too.  Sometimes you can "eye ball" completely, without any kind of system at all.  But it does take a little practice.  Don't get discouraged if you dislike, or even hate,  your gallery wall....because as I always say, nothing in the world of decorating is permanent!   And sometimes even one small tweak with your wall can make a big difference in its visual appeal!    Just go for it.    

Are you a fan of gallery walls?  Why or why not???

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