Geometric Dresser: MUST go this weekend! Special OFFER valid until 6/12

Greetings and happy Friday everyone!  The first day of summer is always a favorite day around here. The whole mood and feel of our household changes on this day. It doesn't change in a good or bad way.  It just feels.......different; like summer! 

You probably know by now that many of the pieces I paint have been passed down in families, or hold special meaning to the owner, and that is what makes painting them extra special. This emotional connection cannot be replaced with any other piece of furniture! 

Today's piece is a bit of an "odd duck".  It's a dresser someone wanted to get rid of, so they asked if I'd take it.  I said, "sure".    This was an opportunity to experiment and try something new.   I was feeling like geometric.....

The dresser is a great size; not too huge, not too small.   Great fabric-lined drawers (inside and out) make it a special little piece.

It's a cute dresser and it MUST go this weekend!  

Dresser Information: 

42" Width, 31" Height, 17.75" Depth


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This offer is good until Monday, June 12

Have a wonderful weekend!!!