Geometric Coffee Table: Make your Own

Hi!  Today have I got a fun tutorial for you!  By the response on social media on this  geometric table, I thought I'd better share the tutorial today!  I love this project for the simple fact that It's simple, and yields awesome results!  I have a feeling you will agree.   If you have a wood coffee table, you've got just what you need to make this happen.   Here's what your table could look like by the end of this project:

1.  painter's tape

2. stain stripper (I use Citristrip), and stripping tool 

3.  Paint ( I used chalk paint)

4.  Paint brush

5.  sand paper 

6. elbow grease!

Below is what the table has looked like for years.  It does have a protective glass piece, which I removed for this project.  This is a nice sturdy table and a great shape and size for this room, however, my only was bordering on boring.  My first attempt with it involved contact paper....remember that post?  If you missed that, you can see it HERE

The contact paper chic table refresh

The contact paper chic table refresh

The contact paper fix held me for a while, but this spring I wanted something different.  I removed the contact paper with the help of my two younger boys (they had a ball doing it and I'll admit so did I). The paper peeled right off. No damage to the table at all.   

To achieve the look I was going after, stripping was involved.   The best part is that I did not have to strip the whole table surface.  I wanted a four sectioned geometric table-top, so I taped off the sections in order to "eye-ball" where to apply the stripper.  I "painted" the Citri-strip right onto the sides I wanted stripped.  This is Citri-strip: 

CITRI-STRIP:   This product is a safer alternative to the real nasty, smelly strippers (some probably aren't even on the market anymore!). Citri-strip is painted on.  It looks like jelly donut filling!  Leave the Citri-strip on for about 30 minutes, then peel off with your stripping tool.  The old dark stain came right off, to reveal a much lighter toned wood underneath.  (sorry no picture of that, but trust me, it was very exciting). 

Below you can see where I stripped the old darker stain. This photo was taken 24 hours after stripping.  Be sure to allow at least a day for your newly stripped surface to dry.  As you can see below, the wood under all that dark stain is much lighter.  Once it's dry, you lightly sand the surface.   

Then I stripped the other side.  Once both stripped areas were dry, I applied painter's tape to create my borders for the next step (painting).  Below you can see how the stripped surface borders along the tape are not perfect. That is because that section was soon to be covered in paint. The surface to the right of the painter's tape in the photo below, is the newly stripped surface, which I left be. 

I used white paint and added un-sanded grout to make chalk paint.   I used chalk paint because I did not want to prime the surface, and, I wanted to used a slightly distressed method and chalk paint works great for that.  I painted right over the dark stain, inside the blue painter's tape, as you see below.  

I peeled the tape before finishing, just to make sure I had clean lines...and because I am impatient and couldn't wait. 

Then I painted the other side, across from the first triangle.  See below....

Once both sides were dry, I peeled off all the tape and gasped for air due to the excitement and satisfaction I felt.  I was happy with the result!    Now, all that's left is to protect that surface because it has already been scratched by little hands doing crafts on it with scissors!  I have a tendency to start projects in our home, and not finish them in a timely manner.  Just ask my husband!  But I am determined to get this surface protected ASAP!  Polycrylic, a clear protective topcoat, should work great. 

And that's wrap for this simple geometric coffee table make-over!  A table like this could be completed in a day (allowing dry time).  Hands-on time....approximately one to two hours. Not bad! 

The table really pops against that pink rug!  Or does the rug pop against the table?  Either way, I'm liking what I see!  Earlier this week I blogged about pink decor for the home!  You can check it out here:   Pink Decor for Grown-ups

Happy Hump Day!  

Any questions about your geometric table project?  

Jusk ask!