Get It Done: Week #1- Accessorize your empty wall

Welcome to "Home Decorating Projects: Get it Done".  Today kicks off a four week series about home projects that we so desperately want to get done, but just NEVER do (or don't know how!).  It happens to us all, for a variety of reasons. Well, get ready to break out of the rut! Each week I will feature a different home decorating project, with a final REVEAL post on Friday.  The objective?  To inspire and motivate you to start those projects you've been putting off and GET THEM DONE!  If your project is more than you can handle, I feel your pain.....and I can take care of it for you.

Are you with me?  Let's get it done people! 

Week #1:  Tackling your empty wall (with a Gallery Wall)

You know that gigantic empty wall in your home that you have no idea how to fill?  You walk past it and shutter because It has stumped you since the day you moved in.  Yes, that wall. Good-bye empty wall, hello wonderfully accessorized wall!  

This week's story: problem & solution

Brenda, a new customer of mine, had an idea for accessorizing a large wall in her living room (family photo gallery).  But, she had a couple problems:  

1.  She didn't have the time to get it done, and

2. She wasn't sure where or how to start.  

Her solution:  She contacted me, we met to discuss her wall, and a plan for her gallery wall was born.  Soon, Brenda can officially check this home decorating project OFF her list!  (See Brenda's finished gallery wall on Friday!).  

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are collections of items that when hung strategically, can beautifully tell your story and create visual interest.  They can be simple, complex, and anything in between! 

Below is an example of unlike items that when displayed together, make an impact. This is a mix of color, texture, and meaningful family photos. The wall is even functional with a chalkboard for leaving fun love notes: 

Getting started with your gallery wall

1.  Explore your home, in search of that very bare, sad wall.  Or, maybe you know the exact wall that screams for attention.  That's great.   Start there..... 

How's this for an empty wall? 

How's this for an empty wall? 

2.  Visualize that wall fully accessorized.  What types of things would you love to see hanging on that wall? Do you have photos you've never framed?  Do you have old pictures or memories not being displayed?  A set of really cute kitchen towels you love too much to actually use? Throw them in frames!  Anything you can hang on a wall is fair game.  

Preparing for your gallery wall

3.  Find your items: Mix the old with the new.  

4.  Once you've gathered the items you like, love, and even the ones you don't like/love, play around with different arrangements of those items. You might discover you like these items even better when TOGETHER, and you'll know which ones need to be omitted. 

The example below is one of my favorites.  It is a collection of larger art pieces that my parents have purchased over the years.  They decided to hang all four of them in this eye-catching arrangement.  Best of all, each picture is symbolic of us girls (my mom, my two older sisters, and I).  Can you guess which one is me? 

5.  Think about what size gallery wall you want and its purpose.  Big? Small? Focal point of your room?  Below is a gallery wall created for the sole purpose of making the TV a little less obvious.  While there's no getting around the fact that the TV isn't moving and sticks out like a sore thumb, it no longer appears to be floating in space because the photos surround it, providing balance. 

And lastly.....

6.  Say your final good-bye to that bare wall, and go for it!  Hang your items!  Then admire your work. 

So, you've learned a great way to fill that empty wall!  Don't worry about rules.  Do what your eye tells you.  If it doesn't look right, change it until it does.  I don't think anyone gets the perfect gallery wall on the first try!    So go ahead and gather what you love, arrange (and re-arrange), and fill that wall to your heart's content! 

Don't miss tomorrow's post on my simple method for hanging your gallery wall (it doesn't even require measuring!)  We like it.  And so will you! 

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