Giving Thanks: Week #1 (the "biggies")

We've probably all said it at least once since yesterday, but it is so true.  "Hard to believe It's November already".   Fall has flown by way too quickly.  Soon the trees will be bare and  our first snowfall around the corner.  Ok!  I'll stop now.   November is one of my favorite months for a few reasons.  1.  Holiday season is approaching  2.  Out come the sweaters and boots   3.  (the most important reason) It is a reminder of the things we are thankful for.  This year, I want to devote 4 weekly blog posts to Giving Thanks.   

Today's post is about the things that matter MOST to me.    I blog about things I am passionate about, and so I am devoting this first kick-off post in the "Giving Thanks" series to the things I am even more passionate about than decorating!

Here's my "Giving Thanks" list:  Week #1:  

1.  Karl, my husband:   Karl and I have been married 13 years.   I am fortunate to say I have loved every single one of those years.  Every. Single. One.   I am so very thankful to have him and I do not show it nearly enough.  

2.  My boys:  I have three beautiful boys.  I look at them and sometimes cannot believe they are all mine!  With personal struggles in the past to sustain pregnancies, I am a firm believer in the miracle of life and the gift of motherhood.  My boys remind me of this everyday.  

3.  My home:   Like we've all heard, "home is where the heart is".  I believe this.  I am happiest when I am at home.  I know that is not the case for everyone, and I feel fortunate to say that it is for me.  

4.  Health: When we feel well, it is easy to take health for granted.  I am truly thankful for our my health and I hope I will never take my health, or the health of my family, for granted.  It is so very precious.  

5.  Friends & Family:  To all the friends I have met on life's journey.   I believe each relationship, however short or long, deep or not deep, has developed for a reason.  Some of those relationships continue to grow as the years go by.  For this I am thankful.  And family.  I deeply treasure my family.  There are some pretty special people in my family.....and they all make me who I am.  Thank you! 

6.  My faith:  I am profoundly thankful for my faith.   Belief has helped me through some of life's really tough challenges, and triumphs.  The inner voice that inspires me...that's not all me. It's the Holy Spirit and the Grace of God.  I am thankful for this. 

7.  Jobs & work:   I am thankful that I have the freedom and the ability to make choices about my work, aspirations and dreams.   See #1-6 they all allow me this freedom and ability.  

And those are the "biggies" that I am especially thankful for!   They are more important than anything else in my world.   And I am happy to share them with you here.  The remainder of my weekly Giving Thanks posts won't be as deep as this first one...and might have something to do with other passion!   

Stay tuned for next week's post:  

Giving Thanks: Week #2 (the decorating delights)